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2022-06-04 21:46:38 (UTC)

Florida Baby! Wooooooo (days 1&2)


It’s the end of day one and it’s been great! The plane ride was cool and Avery’s parents let us pick out a ton of snacks for the room. This hotel we’re staying in is wayyyyyy better than even I thought it’d be (and I expected it to be NICE) so that’s always great. They’ve got multiple huge pools, multiple waterfalls into the huge pools, a water fountain in the pool, a gazebo, hot tubs, and lots of activities! Apparently tomorrow at 11 we’re even going to yoga which will be… interesting… and on Monday there’s a “buddy workshop” which is pretty much build a bear but slightly less money lol. I’m still terrified of this whole trip and I may have kinda picked up my entire face but it’s going well so far, I’m having fun! Let’s just hope it stays that way lol.

Avery is being… tolerable actually. I mean, she did splash water in my eyes constantly, try to drown me multiple times, and was crabby cause we didn’t get the master bedroom but she lightened up so we’re pretty good! She’s also kind of been god knows where for the last 2 hours without telling me where she’s going or turning off the lights so that’s always nice. I’ve been texting my parents and Hailey on a group chat constantly. If I’m doing something, they’ll know. Hailey and my mom were laying in my bed with our cat Dani and the dog which actually made me feel good. Apparently my mom’s sleeping with my Donald Duck stuffed animal while I’m gone too which is almost like she’s really here cuddling me. I miss home but I can’t get homesick yet, it hasn’t even been 24 hours! Fun now and homesickness later!

The weather here is surprisingly my type of weather. It’s the rainy season so it’s like 70°-80°F and SUPER humid. Very rainy too. If I were a rich person I’d probably have a winter home here. Avery’s brother and his girlfriend are nicer than I expected. Both very cool and kind people. If im being honest though, Avery’s brother looks like every other kid from the 90’s. Okay, maybe not the 90’s but he’s some stereotype I can’t quite point out. Oh well, maybe another day. Imma update you on what’s going on then imma go to sleep. Today and tomorrow are just relaxing days so there won’t be too much to write about. I still want to post this entry now though so I’ll update this entry asap! Buh bye!

It’s day 2 now and it’s been fun! I woke up at 9 naturally but we decided to actually get up at 10. I did my makeup and everything for yoga but we ended up being late anyways so we just got coffees for the morning instead. We swam for a few hours at the pool then we went to Disney Springs. I thought it’d be a little more, you know, Disney, but it wasn’t bad. It’s like a shopping plaza or an outside mall. I even bought a few things there. I bought Hailey a Diet Coke pillow (which is surprisingly soft) from the coke store thingy and I also bought some pride Minnie Mouse ears. That last one was a bit of an impulse buy cause I was under the pressure of having to leave soon but oh well. At least I have a souvenir now I guess.

After we got back from Disney Springs, me and Avery decided that we were going to catch a lizard. We picked up a pasta strainer and headed out. We tried dozens of times but those things were fast. I did technically catch one but it was in the worst way possible. There was one right in the middle of the path and so I crouched down low, walked casually (not directly looking at it), then BAM I jumped and smacked the strainer onto it. When I was looking to see if I’d caught it I only saw the tail but when I picked up the strainer I realized that I’d crushed hat little lizards scull!!! It’s eyes were popped out and it’s head was flat. I jumped and threw the strainer over.

After Avery and I were done screaming we decided that we needed to move him into the grass. Avery tried to pick him up by the rail but his reflexes kicked in and it’s body started wiggling around. We screamed but I decided to be brave and nudge it into the grass with a long stick. I lined it up, closed my eyes, and flung it. Inch by inch I moved it’s poor body. After that I tried to bring the strainer with us but Avery teased me by pointing out another lizard and telling me to catch it and I threw the strainer and refused to pick it back up. So, we just left it here on the sidewalk.

I was bummed out for hours after that. I was pacing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I just wanted to go back to the room. Avery didn’t want to go though so instead we got some ice cream. It was “mid” according to Avery, I couldn’t have said it better myself. After that we went back in the pool and I learned hat Avery’s brother and I actually get along better than I expected. We talked about weird teachers and sky diving, it was chill. Avery, her brother, his girlfriend, and I played pool too. Me and the gf lost TUT . I did, however, get a record from bouncing a ping pong ball on a paddle 31 times. Unbeaten!

That’s about it for now, I’ll write again tomorrow, it’s getting late. Buh bye!