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2022-06-05 03:48:12 (UTC)

The future looks tight

I looked at our finances and it doesn’t look terrible, but it’s tight. I have one large thing in the horizon that may pan out to some good income, hopefully consistent income, but as new ventures go, most fail. So I can’t count on it, even though I believe in it.

I reached out to someone I don’t really know. She needed help with converting files from one format to another. Easy stuff… so I reached out and didn’t charge her. She’s one of the admins in a Facebook group I’m a member of. Turns out she’s the only admin in another I also joined. Anyway, she was very happy with what I did for her, and she told me I should offer up some services in her group. Offering up services is otherwise prohibited. So I got the only green light. She also asked me what my rate was. She had already told me she pays $125 an hour. To peak her interest, I told her I charge $100/ hour. Tonight. Without me pushing or contacting or even updating my website to say I offer these services, she contacted me and asked me to do two separate jobs for her! Totally stoked. She told me I needed to be prepared for July. She said I’d be extremely busy. Well… if I can string together a few weeks of 40 hour work weeks, I will breath a huge sigh of relief. Now. I just need to do an excellent job for her! This has been totally unexpected, but I did groom this acquaintance to make the possibility that this could happen. I think that since she lives in NYC, she probably never gets given anything. So when I refused payment, she took notice. Sweet.

I could use a win. My other project will be delivered in 6 weeks. I’m super nervous and feel unprepared. I feel lucky that I have a lot of web experience. It’s going to be very helpful marketing… which is actually something I never had to do before. We shall see. Yes… yes we will. 🤞