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2022-06-03 11:32:18 (UTC)

ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN *dramatic music*


AAAAAGAWAHAEALFOSHABNAJRKDBSV!!! At this time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Florida with Avery and her family! I’m terrified! I’ve never been away from home that long let alone without my family. What if I get like homesick or something? I couldn’t really see myself getting home sick but I’ll probably miss my bed lol. I went shopping yesterday and bought the last bit of what I need other than snacks and some *ahem* undergarments TUT . Since me and Avery are sharing a suitcase I need to fit all my stuff into a duffel bag and a backpack. I’ve got 7 outfits, three swimsuits, and four pairs of pajamas. I’m also bringing some makeup to match my outfits. Just black and white eyeliner, and some yellow and pink to match other outfits, then some concealer, cover up, setting powder, mascara, eyeshadow, the basics. It might seem like a lot to you but MAKEUP IS LIFE. So I’m bringing my idea of the minimum lol.

In my bag I also have an allergy medicine bottle but my mom poured all but 7 of those pills out then mixed in 7 Zoloft and like 28 ibuprofen (2 in the morning and 2 at night) which might seem like a lot but I get headaches pretty often and being out in the sun and surrounded by Avery definitely won’t help. Then I just have my Larin pack on the side and I should be good to go. I’ve got shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, a tooth brush and holder, and all that toiletries type stuff. I think I’m pretty set. It might seem embarrassing but I’m also gunna pack a stuffed animal, maybe my Donald Duck one or my dragon, to sleep with. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m 13 and shouldn’t need a stuffed animal or whatever but I like them. Why can only little kids snuggle up with a fluffy stuffed animal? If you’re really gunna judge me you can kiss my butt, if not then I appreciate that, thanks for being a decent human being.

AAAAAAAJAVAUJAJFBEAJFBSKSUQH! Again! I just packed all my bags and everything! It’s so weird, I’m so scared. Maybe I should take an extra 50mgs of Zoloft. I have 3 halves of my old 100mg doses (aka 3 50 mg doses) so I have some to spare. It might not be a smart thing but idk, I’m a dumb teen. It’s under the max dose anyways so I should be fine. Completely unrelated but, I’ve got a $300-$400 kids debit card to use plus $100 in cash money! I’m honestly surprised that my parents trust me with that kind of money. Not that I’m irresponsible with money, I just didn’t think they held the same opinion. My plan is to buy my mom a gift, my dad a gift, Hailey a gift, then spend the rest on myself lol. Side note, Dad likes anything Star Wars, Mom likes Eeyore, and Hailey likes Darth Vader or Mulan.

I’d write more but I’ll probably want to have a specific entry for tomorrow so imma cut it short. By 8 or 9 am tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to Florida! Wish me luck! Buh bye!