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2022-06-03 10:15:00 (UTC)

The first time

I was just pissed off ay the main character because she picked up the most difficult to deal with looking animal and expected it to warm up to her.
Now I’m trying to read it again and I’m pissed off and cringing at her stupidity and spineless nature. Mf is the one in control, the one who fudging owns the abode, and she’s getting intimidated by what is really an intruder and liar? A fudging cat with malnutrition? Where is her backbone?
And the fact alone that she didn’t recognize that he was weird for a fudging cat? Absolutely ridiculously dumb. A dimwit. I’m stupid but ID AT LEAST BE ABLE TO TELL THAT REGULAR CATS DONT UNDERSTAND YOUR LANGUAGE?!(&)@“!@
UGHHH it just makes me so mad because she doesn’t even have the right to be upset after having so many warnings and signs for this. Then when she does find out? Her shock and anger amounts to nothing because of a single glare? Idiot. Absolutely dumb. Just despicable. Disgusting.

I’ve heard that using profanity is a sign of unintelligence. But I’m simply not allowed to use it. So I’d like to have someone else express my anger instead (perks of being Christian 😐)

Seriously that story made me so mad like what is wrong with you are you stupid it’s literally obvious you brain dead fudge honestly just let the author kill you off at this point you’re going to end up dying because of your own stupidity Jesus Christ save me from this pit-hole of-