Evolving marriage
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2022-06-02 16:19:02 (UTC)

Made up

Dear Diary,
Doing better this am, last night we had some tense moments and heavy discussion. But by the end of the eve we had some resolve. First to consider the meds as affecting, he has stopped the vicodin and Ive told him in the future he can tell them he doesnt do well on it and to request something else. Hes just doing 800mg of Ibuprofen now. Hes walking today some without crutches, hes been using 1 crutch the last 2 days, but this am he walked to the office from the kitchen without it, but its hes holding something or uneven surfaces he grabs 1 crutch.

We also discussed therapy, but a sex therapist, for us both, we have never been to one and I am really interested in trying that out, so we have to see if we have anyone nearby or something online.

Also checking in with one another, are we okay? Is there anything that we dont like that is happening or have reservations, uncomfortable about, etc? And noting then and then having a solution to work around those things, discussing it ahead of time so were not left in a heated sexual moment trying to figure that out, instead it needs to be talked about outside of sex, and if we have any change of opinion on anything, that can happen, to bring it to the other outside of the bedroom, not in the heat of the moment, but when you are in your right head space. :)

I have missed him so much, the tension and awkwardness sucked. But I also couldnt let things slide and made it known my boundaries and wont waiver.

We laid there, in the dark together holding hands, the air was cleared, and wow, the sexual tension I felt. We finally kissed and it was so nice, kissing holding eachother, him holding my face close to him. And from there we had a wonderful times making love to one another, and I have to say, the best orgasm I have had in awhile! Deep, long, intense, my favorite. Its always been our norm, for me to orgasm riding him like that, but once I started the hormones, I noticed it takes longer to orgasm, Im going to talk to my dr next time about it to see if they know what that is about, its like my orgasm is about to start, I reach a peak and then it drops off. And it feels like it takes forever to push me over the hump to get one. Ive seen other women discussing this same thing on hormone forums Im on. But dont know why or the solution. So thats why it was so nice last night to get pushed over the edge, I was exhausted, and he finished after me. We both passed out and went to bed. He woke me up this am, caressing my body and then told me "I know its not the same as your request to wake you up to sex, but it will have to do" :) We were up early, probably around 5am, which I like and its nice, when we get on our routine of in bed by around 10pm, we can wake up easily early before work and enjoy our mornings in bed. I like being up early also.

I did my workout by my body is like jello, weak, so it was a mediocre workout, but I did it! Now sitting at the dining table writing an entry. Next make some bone broth, we have that with Nutritional yeast in it at noon, part of our Keto routine, we dont do breakfast so we have an extended fasting period over night, he just has coffee, me water with electrolytes, lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar (thanks Dr Berg and Thomas DeLauer) we watch them both on youtube.

Going to make Nachos tonight with Siete chips, ground beef, cheese, salsa.

I pulled a bunch more weeds yesterday and trimmed some of the grapevine back as its going crazy and extending to the ground and some spots I dont want it. Going to do a bit more outside again today after lunch.

Im all full of bruises on my legs from the fascia blaster, which happens, and applying arnica. I pulled out the face blaster finally and used it today, and used it on other body parts that are soft, more sensitive, targeted and omgosh I was so relaxed!

My amazon order I made, well its all broken up wierd, all the delivery dates, most of the items are all coming on diff days, many next wk. But we got a few yesterday, swimsuit, MEH, thats going back. But Ill wait till the rest arrive to make a return in case there is anything else I need to send back and do it all at once. We dont have a drop off spot here, so I have to take it to the big city, or UPS will pick up for a fee. But sometimes when I do a return it wont charge a fee for the pickup and its free, not sure how thats determined.

Another beautiful day. Now that our fence is finally finished, Im designing what I want done on that side of the house. Right now its dirt, and a wire fence that is just there for looks, doesnt do much as it was clipped when we had the new fence put in, So I want a metal gate, for privacy, less maintenace, etc. Also I dont want concrete on that side because our main line plumbing runs all right there and if we ever need to get to plumbing, dont want concrete, I dont want rock, I find it annoying and weeds grow through it with time, so I saw a pic using large bricks, big squares all together, so its a hard surface, but would need the ground leveled, cloth down, sand, then the brick. And then a Metal gate there. I also get rain run off, so I either need a gutter there on that side or a french drain of sorts to run into and let out in the front yard area. We also need the sprinklers reworked, moved in a few spots and adjusted, they spray too far and go over the fence to the neighbors on one spot(she doesnt care she said) but it also sprays the heck out of the new fence. And I want to set a brick flat ground border around the fence, so I dont have grass and sprinklers up against it like it is, makes it easier for mowing and all that good stuff.

Well I guess thats it for now, time to put on yard work clothes and get outside.

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