The Queen

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2022-06-02 12:49:45 (UTC)

A G,

Jun 2, 2022, 6:33 AM

A G,

I've discovered something since a week or so.
What I deemed as likening of you, was in fact, me being hurt by your public sin, as public sins are not for themselves, but invitation for the public to join them.

I've always appreciated you speaking up for yourself, and I'm glad for those who stand with you in your difficult times, yet it was wrong of you to bring what I'd apologized for and certainly I'd not repeated.
There is evidence of what I'd done.
Lest you forget your slandering of me, to me.

Public sins are worse than private sins because unlike private sins, they hurt others, you sinned very confidently from 12 January 2018 to 22 March 2022, and all along I wanted to connect with you, yet your call was only for sin, after so long in May, I realized my feelings had been of hurt and it still hurts me, you've set an example of sin and I feel influenced to date.

Recompense of what I'd done to you, I tried my best, and what I'd failed at was I couldn't withold myself when I wasn't being seen by you.

I no longer made fake accounts to bother you, yet sadly you still made mention of it.

Alas to the confusion of likeness with being hurt!
I wonder how long the impact of this hurt will last.

😔 I guess, as it's mentioned, what we pray for another, the angels say same for you.

I prayed for the hurt I caused you, I prayed for the one who hurt me, and the angels said the same for me. There's relief in knowing this, if not anyone, those who'd never sin, prayed for me.