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2022-06-01 17:39:46 (UTC)

Shounen Sh**

This is why I don't want shounen anime. Always some corny, mf saves the day, nobody is even bleeding or dead, and everyone is shouting encouraging phrases IN SYNC (like wtf is that) episodes. I hate it. I don't know why my need for it to be realistic is even there when these are fudging superheroes but it just peeves me.
I really don't like it.
Then after they fudging defeat the villain together (bro looked like an emaciated corpse lMFAOAO), deku just pops out of the ground clean asf?? like waht? where are the ashes? the soot? the metal and scars and blood from the extreme force of those punches? how did shield even survive the pressure of all of that instead of getting shredded by all the metal that encapsulated him? I hate this anime. still finishing it. but wtf kind of logic?
and bro is like "omg all my students are supporting me, i shouldnt succumb to this thing called limit (read: life span)"
and proceeds to 'plus ultra' his way into winning
like bro, you're just killing yourself, there is no internal force pushing you forward, you are simply taking more years off your lifespan with each battle you fight and each Plus Ultra you give.

So Yeah, Shounen Sh**.

Also, I've thought this for a while, but I forgot: Why is Stain kind of... like hte way he licked his knives during his episode...had me feelin some type of way bc wtf? bro doesnt even have a nose, howd he do that
and the only character I feel for during these episodes are like that test exam thingy for their hero license Proctor--the tired dude, aizawa, and bakugo--attitude wise bc this show is so fudging colorful and oh wow blast blast boom and i just cant it feels corned but its a show, thats what animated shows do.