no name
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2022-05-31 20:39:00 (UTC)


Let’s just stay away, hm?
Let’s just not do it.
Please let’s just stay away from time mood life drainers.
People. Internet.
What does it even matter.
I could’ve been having fun this whole time.
But instead I went there.
Should’ve stayed alone.
Should’ve stayed on my own.

Bad decision. Learn from it. Be happy. There’s not much time left.

Smule and discord and Reddit and instagram and twitter. They’re all just hell. black holes.

Stay away from them. Stay away from the real life. This is a sanctuary. A safe place from what brings me sadness. So don’t bring any of that in here. You’re only making us both sad.

I feel sick. I just wanted tea.

It’s okay. It’s alright. I have a fan. I have a bed. I have a phone and I have an idea. It’s okay and it’s fine and it’s only a few more days. It’s all okay. Doesn’t even matter if you listen to those things just don’t, for the love of all things unholy, do not go back there?

Also don’t do that for manga or video. No point. At all. Just cringe. I don’t really know what to say about the rest. Go with the flow.