no name
2022-05-31 07:32:30 (UTC)


shut the fudge (skull emoji) upk
stop talking
go home
stay away from me
your voice is annoying
everything youre saying is ruining my day
honestly jus tnever talk again
i want to kill mysel listening

I used to think that colds were just sneezing, sniffling, and snot. I used to think fevers were just being bedridden, hot/cold temperatures, and coughing. Now I know that, if this is one, colds are worse. "A summer cold" mf I want to die.
Headaches, feeling woozy, feeling heavy, sore throat, mucus but it's going the fudging wrong way, bad mood.
Why does sickness give me an attitude?
Why do I have to come to fudging school to review some crap that I will never understand. We're not even testing today, I wish I died while I had covid instead. Maybe it weakened my immune system so now I've caught this cold. I'm always the last in the family to get whatever tf they have. And Genshin's update is downloading slowly. My mom made me go to school anyway because testing is soon so I "can't miss it." I wish this school building had burned down (with no one in it), just so I would have time to recuperate before coming back. I hate it here. I hate this school and all the people inside it.

I hate this building. My sister told me that I wouldn't even be allowed to use my headphones during testing so I left them at home and guess what? We're not even testing in this period today. Of course we aren't. I hate myself. I should've brought them anyway instead of subjecting myself to listening to these stupid, annoying, loud conversations. This classroom sounds like a fudging cafeteria of high schoolers, I want to die. I bet I'm gonna have a headache by the end of the day even without my headphones. This fudging school. Somebody come end my misery.

Time to review, i feel so violently irritated right now

I need something to quell my anger.
Moving to the hallway only takes away half of one problem.

I can't watch exo tho that is a solution i'm not even fond of.
I dont feel like playing genshin
i cant watch any shows
cant watch a movie
okay wtf
Learning the piano is most likely a very difficult process that takes a lot of effort on your part to go through with.
Finishing My Hero Academia if you're not one of those weird shippers or insane fans that are shown on the media is a very difficult thing to do.
Finishing out school while wanting to slam dunk yourself and everyone around you means reigning in your nerves as well as your agitation.
Not caring when everyone else is caring is something that makes this easier.

Today, I'm going to finish out my day, get my mom to let me leave early, and finish My Hero Academia.
And then, I'm going to discard of those cards because all of a sudden, my gratefulness towards my teachers has depleted. Thanks but no thanks.
Then, I'm going to wish my mother a Happy Birthday.
Then, I'm gonna go and learn to play the piano because it's just that easy.
And maybe go on smule.

i dont care for people at the moment and smule people arent really real, these school ones are a different kind of annoying
and i most definitely will continue writing on here all day because i refuse to actually come to terms with my surroundings
not without headphones
fudging L