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2022-05-29 20:11:00 (UTC)

I’ve been feeling

I’ve been feeling a lot more done with everything lately. So I think I should take that as a sign that I’m done.
Gonna delete social media for a while. Too many spoilers and influences and people I get too wrapped around engaging with.

There are series I’ve wanted to get to, of my own free will.

A game I want to actually play.

And I’m just tired, overall, of talking with people and feeling things. Working myself up for small interactions and small talk that I couldn’t care less about. Why do it? I don’t care to feel any of it. It’s exhausting. And I’m sleepy. Too sleepy to want to be with people at all. Sometimes I may think otherwise, but that’s just boredom speaking. I tend to (mentally) revolve around other people, rather than myself. Feeling like another person would be the solution to my problems.

In reality, I just need to think about the activities I can do, and do those instead of trying to reach out to random strangers on the internet. Boredom and loneliness aren’t the same. And I don’t care enough right now. Head kind of hurts.

You know.