Evolving marriage
2022-05-28 07:14:48 (UTC)

Sex and Hormones

Dear Diary,
Its after 1am, Im awake, though I was falling asleep in his lap a few hrs ago.

All is good, he is recovering well! Tomm he can take the bandage and brace off. Then hes on crutches as long as he needs to be.

He slept in our bed last night, he just wanted to give me a good nights sleep so stayed on the couch with all his gear on and all the first night. We are supposed to have a guy coming to finish our fence tomm, so he should be here all day, so will make for less alone time as Ill need to keep an eye out, etc, as this job was a 2 day job that was started a yr ago and the company has put us off so many times. So I need to make sure its fully finished as so many times in the past they tried passing it off with things wrong and I pointed them out. And full payment isnt made until job is completed.

Today we laid in bed till after noon, pretty much hung out, watched tv, ate, napped, I made us smoothies for lunch and pork chops for dinner. I dont feel like doing much these days, all we do is spend all our time laying together, I have to make myself get up and do things, did laundry, took a shower, Im using a fascia blaster now so spent a good amount of time doing that, watching to see if its really going to do what all the others have shared online. So far so good.

Yesterday he laid in our bed and we were getting frisky, which I didnt expect this soon after surgery, thought it would be a few days before even the idea of anything sexual would happen, but I figured a blow job would be fine. I made it into a role play of "Im the visiting nurse, and need a sample from him that his penis is alright after this surgery and functioning and that I need to take the sample back to prove it was effective and to get my bonus" ha! We had fun doing this talk and I ended up getting on top of him to finish as he laid in the bed, and all was good, no pain and he had no issues.

Today we just talked a lot, about sex, almost daily he just says "Thank you for being such an awesome wife, how did I get so lucky?" and its nice, he tells me how close he feels to me now since all these changes have happened in our sex life. And I agree. All we want to do is be together, have sex, lay around, eat, do the basics, and just play together.

I have been listening to a new podcast, the Accidental Swingers, as they were on Strictly Anonymous, so its interesting hearing this couple get into swinging, near our ages, long time marriage, no other partners, yet now they are swinging but they are more about building relationships, and the amount of talking they do with one another, and they arent so much into the kinky stuff, more of passionate kissing, carressing along with sex. Anyways, hearing the stories of the wife having her first vaginal orgasm at age 50 with a guy at a swinging event, and squirting, etc, and telling about sleeping with a man with a large dick(girth that is) etc and how these experiences have changed her life, blah blah blah

And I felt kinda sad, sad for her husband, even though he says its fine, but that they didnt have those experiences together, meanwhile over here my husband has made me squirt this yr, Ive always had vaginal orgasms and knew about the g spot. (Didnt realize only about 20-30% of women have had vaginal orgasms) And how my husband has bought all these cool sleeves a man can wear over his cock, check out the collosus! And my husband has been able to give me all these cool penis size type experiences himself by wearing a sleeve. And he says "The look on your face, your eyes roll back in your head, I love seeing this" and I said how he has brought that to me himself, I didnt have to try it with another lover.

We are just having so much fun together. He told me today that our time on Monday, when he had me restrained really turned him on and he enjoyed it just as much, that is my kink, his has been me pegging him, but he said he enjoyed monday about as much as the pegging, WOW!

We listened to an episode with a book author who did this sex research study on fantasies, etc, was good and he put forth a question instead of asking what are you fantasies to your partner, ask them "How is it you want to feel?"

We both shared our answers, very different, his was "To feel virile, the man who can satisfy like 10 women and give them all orgasms and all of them are saying "You are amazing" to feel powerful and on point sexually.

My answer ? " To be in utter bliss, to check out, and not feel anything but the sexual high I am on

Interesting how we are shaped in life like this, he has always been about performance, and Im always pushing him to take that down a notch, so much pressure he puts on himself, and I just want him to learn to enjoy pleasure, which he is getting better with, with the pegging and blow jobs he is now having to lay back and allow me to pleasure him. And learning to do that without feeling he has to do something to me.

My sister is 2 hrs away but has to leave tomm, and I have to be here for the fence guy, all of our timing hasnt worked out to see one another. :(

She said she will come back in July.

I have to get outside this wk and start working on the outside of the house, and clean up the vacation rental and get it ready for bookings. Husband will be back to work online monday, but we will have 2 dr appts in the big city soon for his follow ups so those will take us out for a day each time. So we will have some of our wks broken up.

I got the back lawn done yesterday eve, pulled a bunch of weeds and trimmed back all the hedges away from the new fence they are to paint tomm. So many elm trees growing all over, ugh, that I had to yank all over the yard and planters. But things look good.

We are so unmotivated to do much these days other then each other, granted he does go to work, but other then that, we are just so into one another right now and its pretty crazy, and I wonder "how long will this last?" and is it the hormones? Is it more? I use very little testosterone cream, less then half of the dose, but I know I can get it from touching my husband also and wondered if we get it from semen also if husband is on it. His dosage is much higher, but really, I will be curious when I get my next round of labs done what my levels are. I know sex can increase your testosterone also.

On the podcast with the book author he said "Women who are sexually satisfied in their relationships tend to masturbate more" and Im all hmmm. Ive been doing that also, almost daily. Yesterday I did it twice, and today twice.

Alright, need to get to bed, fence guy will be here early