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2022-05-27 22:57:00 (UTC)

I cringed away but what does it mean

I can’t identify what I’m feeling.
I’ve noticed this issue before but right now it even more evident.
It seems my indecisiveness is even on an emotional level.
I can’t name what I’m feeling. I literally can’t. It’s just too abstract. Too messy. My brain isn’t even capable of clearing it up.
Happiness/contentedness, sadness (due to external things), and pure anger/irritation are easy to name. But things beyond that? After second hand embarrassment I really can’t put a finger on anything I’ve felt.

Like, I could describe my physical reactions. Closing my eyes, looking away, my face cringing a little (not necessarily in disgust, it didn’t feel like that), holding my breath. But what emotion do these indicate?

I wish my body looked like that when I sat down.
> There are many things to point out in response to this thought I had.
1) You’re not actually supposed to even look like that at this age.
2) Food is too good to sacrifice.
3) i forgor exercise