Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-26 22:01:18 (UTC)

AvoidRafa - overwriting memories

I went to a concert today. With my friends.

Yesterday, told my friends AMA to go with us, she was dead set on not going to concert. Turns out she got molested at concert when she was 11 years old. After that she started avoiding concerts. She's scared and scarred.

Last year, I went to a concert. AvoidRafa was performing onstage and I felt a hand on my waist, it was a subtle touch. I thought someone touched unintentionally. I moved and shook off the hand. After a few minutes, dude groped my ass. I froze. I calmly told men around me to move away from me and never saw the dude in my life again.

So you see, I have a distasteful memory of avoidrafa's concert. I was confused about going to the concert today. Firstly, this memory of groping. Secondly, this week, I fell on the floor twice because of dehydration and dizziness, it's a wonder how I didn’t have a heatstroke. But when I heard about AMA saying that she can never go to concerts again, I knew I had to go. Bad people will exist everywhere, that doesn’t mean shit to me, it's my life, I'll live it until I can't anymore.

So yes. I went to the concert. I danced alone. I had a great time. I overwrote that bad memory and moved on. Happy ending to a happy day :D

Also a faculty member told me I look really pretty, I blushed harrrrddd. People in my university are the best. They spent time with me, they gave me a chance to evolve and they love me. And I love them.