Evolving marriage
2022-05-26 06:20:28 (UTC)

So Tired

Dear Diary,
Its 12:30am, I should be asleep, but my brain is still going, my body is feeling tired though.

So lets rewind back to the wknd, lots of sex and playing, and then tuesday was our official anniversary. Monday night, I asked hubby if he would tie me up, more like put me in the bed restraints, he agreed. I knew with his surgery, we wouldnt be doing these things for awhile, so I made my request and he was happy to do so. We had so much fun. Restraining me, teasing me, flogging(we have a gentle one) also I think I like the crop for spanking better. I started some brat playfulness and resistance, fighting against him, squirming around, he in turn had to punish me, of course right? More spanking and fucking me, and then stopping, asking me if I was going to be good, and I squirmed and said NO, needless to say it was so much fun and such a turn on. Hes getting better and better each time, seeing him be more dominate, taking control is very sexy. By the time he made me cum, I was so exhausted and laying there in a daze, I thought for sure that would be it for awhile, but No, he woke up aroused tues am and we had sex again, I love him being like this, its makes me so happy, even at times to where I cry, good tears, just to see how he has changed, pursues me, has sexual desire, when he was so closed off for so long,

He had to work a full day and we booked a hotel in the big city for his surgery, good thing because his surgery was at 7am! Eeeks, we would have had to wake up at 4am if we stayed home, so the hotel put us just down the st, and instead we woke up at 6am and the surgery center was just about 5 min away. We went to a fave restaurant for dinner, food was good, but I think I had too much, and carbs which I dont eat usually, so I didnt sleep well, was sweaty! Husband passed out before me. He got a good night sleep he said, me? I slept till about 1am but then was in and out of sleep up until the alarm at 6am, so Im dragging today....

I ran back to the hotel for the continental breakfast, his surgery was 2 hrs and recovery 1 hr, so I had some time to kill, went and ate and sat in the hotel room for a little bit and then did an arm workout before leaving, headed back to the surgery place and waited, for a good while it felt like, but Dr came out, said all went great.

So hes in a leg brace, on pain killers, they gave him a nerve block so he cant feel much with that leg... omgosh Im getting sleepy typing, so Ill stop for now and finish this up later. Will say I miss him and being tangled up naked together in bed, but tonight hes on the couch with all his stuff as its easier for him to get up and down and closer to kitchen and bathroom. He is getting around with crutches for now.