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2022-05-24 18:47:41 (UTC)

Dead Dove: Do Not Eat

Sometimes, a person just wants security.
A feeling of being wanted, and belonging. To someplace. To someone. To something.
The idea that you're being taken care of, watched over, and loved dearly.
These are commonly felt or desired.

Geefudginwhiz I cannot even get my words out. Might private this entry. But then again, lay yourself bare, only parts of you that need to remain would do so after this is expressed in the best (worst) way possible. And I'm absolutely not putting this in any physical form where it could be read by anyone I know.

{Sort out the Feeling}
It's not sexual in nature. Neither is it romantic. I'm not sure it could be called platonic considering that we consider those kinds of relationships as best friends or as a different sort of power dynamic. If that were to stir up some kind of feeling in you (me), it would be for naught because we literally do not have functioning organs for that (Lmayo).

{What would it look like?}
Way too much. It's more of a feeling. I don't know why it feels inappropriate. Okay, just to clarify. This has nothing to do with nudity, the crap I just saw, or animals. Because wtf. This is why I hate reddit. And corn. They ruin everything.

Honestly dude? A motherfudger just want to be pet. On some real crap.
yeah thats the weirdest crap I'll ever admi- no it isnt.
how did i manage to say all that crap before i mustve been in the gallows bro bc what

who just says they want to be pet? me. obviously. like its not gonna affect my real life. to put it into words
yeah i want my back stroked. i wanna lie in someones lap and just be pet. i want to belong.
anddd thats the end of that. never again. never.

how uncomfortable. look just sscroll down and we'll be on a different type of timing

5/24/22 Tuesday
I went to school and completed more work than I expected that I would. There's Bible Study tonight, I'm staying home, as usual. They got groceries so now there's tea, although by the time I got home, half of it was already gone (how in the world...). I started watching Rage as I ate lunch (which is technically my breakfast since I hadn't ate anything today besides that chocolate square I took for some reason. It melted in my pocket :( ). I had 2 of those marshmallow bars because they're good asf. Decided against going straight for the DrP when I saw it because I refuse to be a sugar addict to the max today (kind of failed). Rage was watching some dude go to a furrycon (T0T) and he even took a fursona quiz (I'm crine bro this man might as well be one). So then I took one because why not, and I got a dog. Which I didn't like. So I took another quiz, and I got a dog, again. So I stopped doing quizzes because they suck and I'm not a furry.

In the video, I'm pretty sure I saw someone on a fudging leash, which reminded me of this one pinterest post I saw where this scrawny dude had a goth girl on a leash in High School. My shock was evident. Then my mind started to wander back to those
--I'm the kind of person who looks in the mirror at my face, body, and stature and thinks, "I'm going to hang myself from the rafters." I don't even know what rafters really are--
My mind wandered to

yeah so im looking through reddit (love hate relationship with their posts, im not old enough to know whats reposts or not) at asterick cringe and honestly some of this is hilariously dumb
ppl are making fools of themselves, glad im not like that
lmao that sounds like something i just dont know the word for it