Evolving marriage
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2022-05-23 07:57:03 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
2am, cant sleep. I passed out on hubbys lap on the couch earlier this eve after dinner and so having a nap and then getting up sometimes messes me up and hard for me to fall back to sleep right away.

We had a nice Sunday, my gf from where I used to live came by today with her family on their way to their family vacation, stayed about 2 hours, she was pretty much my closest gf back where we used to live, we met working together and then used to meet up for lunch at the mall every few mos and eat and catch up.

My big sis arrived today this am, she drove all night, shes at her place 2 hrs from us, hoping we will get to see her too this wk

I did a good house cleaning yesterday, husband helped so things were nice and in order, weather was gorgeous today, and then after my gf left husband helped me move some heavy flagstone on a dolly, we intalled a window AC Unit, he and I started last night but he fixed the broken shower handle/cartridge in the rental we have, today had to adjust the temp and its back up and functioning! Yay! He said to me earlier "What do you want to do today?" and I shared those tasks, he said we had better do them earlier in the day if there was a chance of them getting done and then we could go "F one anothers brains out" his words.

So it was funny, I wasnt all in the mood or anything but we finished up all the stuff and then got in the bed, down to t shirt and underwear and we laid there and talked, kissed. and then I gave him some of the oils to rub on me, and things progressed from there. He ordered this crazy dildo I saw on amazon as a surprise, its crazy textured and long! Feels amazing too! We started out having sex, but made him cum as it was getting pretty wild. I ended up climbing back on him later and he came again, which as Ive said doesnt happen too often for him to have more then 1. Just lots of touching, playing, fingering, blow job, nipple play. We did try one of the edibles I got on the trip. These ones were quite weak, we both agreed. Just a gummie, we each had one.

Husband was exhausted and I was all energetic and could have kept going who knows how long... he said "I unleashed the Kracken!"

He told me how sexy I am and how he doesnt deserve me and was so begging to sleep. I covered him and left him to nap.

We were going to BBQ steak and asparagus tonight but we were carrying on till dark and just not in the mood to cook, so it was a drive thru night at Wendys! Not my fave, but neither of us wanted to even cook or do a darn thing

So hes got 2 more days to work then his surgery and he has all wk off. Pray he does well, things will be diff around here sexually as its his knee and he wont getting around easily, gonna have rehab, etc and recovery is like 6-8 mos.

I have errands to run tomm, get a card, for our anniv, go pick up my glasses that came in, and stuff around here. We might go out for a nice dinner, either tomm or tues, which ever night works best.

So yeah, wonder what life will be like, if his libido will still be there despite his surgery or if he will tone down. We can always be creative, etc. Im just more creative then him in work arounds I think. :)

I do have great stamina, like Im a "Im in to win it" or over achiever in the bedroom, he looses steam at a certain point and IM usually still full engines go. So sometimes its just me laying beside him masterbating, hes been doing well assisting with that, nipple play and dirty talk, which I appreciate as its better then laying there alone.

Well gonna wrap this up for now

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