Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-23 05:42:00 (UTC)


I think I might have a stalker. I feel extremely unsafe. People don't usually approach me because of my resting bitch face. They text me that they saw me at uni. Fuck my life.

>Dude texted me on fb, I barely reply
>Dude gets to know me, I get irritated and I blocked him
These all incidents from January.
>dude texts me from fake account. I told him again that I'm getting irritated (in april)
By this time I even forgot the real account's name lmao. He's that irrelevant.
>dude texts me today. Said he saw me at my uni. Now, in university, I'm always so busy I rarely have time to be aware of my surroundings. Also the fact that Im always pretending not to see anyone so they can start a conversation. So if someone stalks me, there's a chance I might not even notice. I got really paranoid. Told him to fuck off and that I'll have people beat him up if he starts to have a conversation with me. (No kidding, I'll actually do that). Then oh my God he tries to tell me, that he's my senior??? Um so? I'll still beat the shit out of you creepy ass bitch.

But honestly, never felt so unsafe before. I hate it here. I want to go abroad. I really need to watch my steps in university now. That was the one place I could just unwind. Fuck this man. Fuck all of this.