Good Ideas For Bad People
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2022-05-22 14:22:30 (UTC)


Yesterday was a really wonderful day. I think I got a cue that my ex is reading my diary. I couldn't believe it. How am I going to act now? I mean I don't know for sure but I like it that way I guess. Isn't so pressing...

Before dinner we made love. I particularly enjoy the amount of tingliness it gives me. Im sorta like an electric cart and his volts pull me to my adventure (makes me cum). I could be the most unruly and he will bring me to my adventure with just how he thrusts and looks at me... And the occasional kisses.

I could have died when he called me beautiful our first time back. I never got butterflies from a compliment but that time I did because I think I seen deep in his eyes the pain he felt from being away... And to show me that and say something so sweet is really what I like. It made the tingles so intense.

I made such a great dinner and for the first time dinner at the table was easy going and relaxed. I made spaghetti with meatballs and added diced tomatoes with green chili peppers. It had a zesty spice to it and it mixed will with my peach wine. My son ate as we went over spelling together and my daughters were silly with my beautiful man who sat at the far end of the table. I had a bit too much wine though and immediately passed out. I have to go easy on the wine because it's causing me to fall behind on chores too... And I don't want to give the wrong impression.

I think for the most part he wants to be with me and even let it slip. I couldn't help but smile. To know that id do anything for him really makes me focus on our life together now. I was wondering what thriving is to a man... Honestly I think they're pretty easy going. Wants to not worry about basic needs and have steadily reached goals that sorta add priveledge to their existence while maintaining their other privileges too.

I wish I didn't mess up the first time but im glad that everything from our past is sorta wiped from the slate and nothing keeps us apart in my head. I remember it was that way when we started dating the first time. I'd confess everything to him and he'd always stay top priority in my head and I felt his dominance over me which was serious and sexy.

Sometimes I wonder if he split up with me to teach me a lesson and bring it all back to square one. The things about him that I find scary are also quite beautiful too. I imagine he has such fineness...