Bad Mother

Into Temptation
2022-05-22 11:24:04 (UTC)


I was called in to work maybe every other day after. Nearly always to cover lunchtime. Getting there about eleven. Having to wait around in Agnieszka's office. Until we get the call. I hate that. And love it in equal measure. Just wishing we could just get on with the sex. Instead of waiting and worrying about what was required of me. The longer I wait. The more anxious I get. And the imposter syndrome kicks in. Do they really want little old me? I am getting a little better at that.
I do so love spending time with Agnieszka. We have good chats. And she knows that I fancy her rotten. I felt comfortable enough to tell her. Though I still had never been with a woman. That I wanted to have sex with her. She replied that one day we will. It Is now our running joke. Every day I ask her. If I am at the front of the queue yet? She always says curtly - No! Then teases that I am getting closer.
We do have some quite graphic sex chats though. God knows what the other workers must think of our conversations! And she has been a little revealing as to what she likes. I tell her I would do whatever she wanted. And she tells me that she knows. I haven't told her that my son fucks me regularly. And he is so good at it. But she probably knows that too!
One day I should invite her round for dinner. And hopefully we can tempt her sexy Polish knickers off.
Each call upstairs lately has just been to see the Boss alone. He gets me to strip down naked in front of him. But he wants me to be wearing a different set of underwear each time. Different colours each day. Meaning many trips to the shops. All on the company credit card.
It's not that he talks to me. I am pre-warned by Agnieszka. He just gestures with his hands. Like a conductor. As to my next steps.
My boobs get a lot of attention. Lots of squeezing and pulling. Some slapping and pinching. My nipples get tweaked and pulled. Licked, sucked and bitten. Then his big fat penis is taken out for me. I'm usually on my knees. Sometimes with him sat in his office chair. But sometimes with him stood over me. I lick and suck him with great love and care. As if it was Jonathan's cock. Maybe that's why he likes me so much. Because I give him the motherly care. That he has dreamed of with his mother.
I have got used to his size now. I have trained my mouth to accommodate him better. And I do really enjoy pleasing such a powerful manhood. I don't know if I would quite enjoy it thrusting into my vagina. Nor my anus. I would struggle standing after that. Let alone walking.
No. I'm sure I would manage. If wet enough. But so far he has never requested to fuck me. Like Agnieszka. Maybe one day I'll get to experience that.
So far he has been content with oral sex. Or using my cleavage. And likes to spray his semen all over my boobs. Sometimes all in my face. And occasionally straight down my throat. He is now letting me suck him down until he is soft. But he does like to watch me. Scrape up and lick away any semen deposits left on me. And rub the rest into my skin.
Then he wants me near to him. Within arm's length. Somewhere on his desk. While he'll eat his lunch. He wants my legs open. And for me to be playing with myself. To get my vagina nice and juicy for him. Between mouthfuls. He will take his fingers to play with my labia. Or to push one or two fingers into my vagina. Using me as his dipping pot. Licking them to add the taste of me to his meal. Sometimes wiping his sandwich or whatever. Up and down between my legs. Especially if I have got myself very wet. I call it his meal deal. And I find it quite a turn on. Apart from the first couple of times. I now always give myself a lovely orgasm. Right there in front of him. Working my clitoris. Looking straight into his eyes. I love it. And it helps ensure he has all the juice he would ever need.
He also likes to have a bit of a finger poke up my anus. As a last course. Like it is his little lunchtime dessert. Though I'm sure I don't taste at all sweet. And he seems to like it better if I have not long had a poo. I have since been instructed. And am not to be all squeaky shower clean. As I had thought. So now I have to try and have a poo at work. Before I am called for. Not easy trying to time my bowel movements. Not an aspect of my new role I was ever expecting. Well if it keeps the dirty boss happy.
It is so strange being so intimate with a man who hardly says a word to me. I just get exclamations. Like yes or aye! And good or beauty!
Lunch done. And Agnieszka comes in to collect me. I don't know how she knows when to come in. My length of time with him varies. I don't know if she has a camera or something. Or he has a hidden button to call her. She always carries my clothes. And leads me naked back downstairs.
Only once was I taken into one of the other offices upstairs. There were three young executives waiting. All smartly dressed in their suits. All resplendent with their cocks exposed from their fly. All ready being worked to impressive erections. I would have loved to have seen them more closely. To suck on each fine penis. But I was bent straight over a desk.
Agnieszka was holding me from the other side. And I was roughly pushed into a position. For the first man to come in behind me. Pushing his cock straight up me. And beginning to fuck me hard and fast. Slapping me and pulling my hair. And I had that intense feeling of being raped again. By this suited young stranger. Calling me a fucking slut! A dirty slag! The company cunt! While he enjoyed my very wet vagina. And I was looking up into Agnieszka's eyes. Seeing her smiling. Laughing at his words. Revelling in and enticing. My naked violation.
He sustained for quite a while. Then eventually ejaculated. Deep inside me. Possibly in response to his colleagues' increasing impatience. But to a roar of appreciation from them. Continuing on a little longer. To ensure his hot semen. Held primacy upon my cervix. Though some was dragged out of me. In a splatter on the wooden floor. When he pulled from me.
He was soon replaced. The next young man to enjoy my body. His excited cock forcing it's way up my vagina. He started with some slaps. And repeated insults. But with much less conviction. As he tried to concentrate on fucking me. And not coming too soon. This was less a rape. And more a trial lesson. And made moreso by Agnieszka. Leaning forward to kiss me. Which turned into full passionate kissing. This was a very welcome first for me. Being fucked nicely. While locking lips with another woman.
The stranger didn't prevail too long. Eagerly adding his spurts of semen to the pool inside me. And a further splash onto the floor. When his spent young penis was removed.
By the time the third man was in position. We were well into French kissing. And her hands had found my breasts. Being squeezed and pulled. And my nipples made hornily hard. His rammed cock still made me gasp. A little bigger than his pals it felt. But just what I needed. Taking me. Stretching me. Using me so good. Squelching with my wetness. Fucking me hard. With more slaps to my thighs. And more vocal derision. Then his thumb was pushed up into my bottom. Hooking me up by my anus. As his cock relentlessly rammed home.
And I was just loving my new job!
Despite all his best efforts. He had to succumb to the power of my vagina. Gripping his cock to his powerful climax. Bathing my cervix in even more stranger semen.
A bit more spilling out to the floor. When he finally withdrew. But he kept his thumb up my bottom. Pulling it out to suck on. Then pushing it back up me. Encouraging the other two come over. And the three took turns. To try out my anus. Passing negative comment about my taste upon their thumbs. Though they kept on sampling me. Much to Agnieszka's amusement. As she had released me from her clutches.
Then they made me get down on all fours. Like a dog they said. To lick up all their semen off the floor. Calling me. Go on Doggy - lick it up! Making sure I kept my bottom up in the air to them. So that they could keep on dipping their thumbs in me.
I obeyed. Licking what I could of the watery semen. Then mopping any remainder with my boobs. And feeling more dripping out of me. Running down my leg. Then I felt something hard pressed up between my legs. Scraping over my labia.
One said - here Doggy, have a biscuit! And a semen soaked custard cream was fed to me. I don't know where that came from. But it was rather nice. So I was very happy to receive another. All while kept on all fours.
And then some Sharpie marker pens were found. And the three decided that my buttocks needed by some graffiti. I couldn't see what was written. Until Iater looking in the mirror. But they had written - TOY across my cheeks. With my anus encircled as the O! Then above that - COMPANY was added. After that they added further - FUCK THE. Wittily adding - 50p against it! With a flash of my new name - DOGGIE CUMSLUT. Written further up my back. Around a crude illustration of a large ejaculating penis and balls.
I was glad to see my little revenge. In the greasy stains left across the crotch of their smart trousers. Serves them right for not showing me their balls.
I was led away by Agnieszka. With two Sharpie pens inserted in my vagina. And one pushed into my anus. I managed to keep them all in. Until trying to step down the stairs. When the two slipped out of my wet vagina. But I managed to hold tight onto the other. All the way down to the showers. My audience watched my unsuccessful attempts at trying to wash off the ink. And more than one tossed a 50p onto the floor. Agnieszka letting them step over to finger my soapy holes for the price.
I would never have thought this was me. But I'm so loving being their cheap fuck toy.
For as long as it lasts.