Evolving marriage
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2022-05-22 04:54:07 (UTC)

Hell Drive Home

Dear Diary,
Im home, wasnt as smooth of a return as I would have hoped, long ass drive, long day, heavy winds for a lot of it and hubby and I got into a dumb argument over the phone and then I missed my exit and it was one of those spots where there is no turnoff right away and then I had to go another route which tacked more time on the already long drive and I was upset, so I was totally fried by the time I got home, to the point of tears and just wanting to fall apart. He did hug me and we got things resolved, but it just didnt help the already long day. He got me a hamburger last min as he was going to have dinner for me but then forgot the restaurant he would get it from was closed that night and by the time he realized that it was getting late, in small towns you have less choices and things close earlier so he was able to get me food last min, I was on a long stretch where there was nothing and nowhere to stop to eat either.

But Im home! And we did makeup, but we already had another one of these power struggle things again? Over trying to repair the shower handle. We havent really been arguing for quite awhile, so interesting its happened twice already. So needless to say that killed the so excited to see you mood I originally had.

My gf is in town with her family, we offered for them to stay here, but they opted for a hotel, we have planned power outage and she just texted me flipping out about it, its overnight, while you should be sleeping and the temps should be just fine as its not to hot or cold here tonight. Shes has nothing but drama trying to go on this family trip. So shes supposed to call me in the am and stop by for a bit to visit before the head out on the rest of their trip.

So I stopped at a dispensary and made my first purchase, some edibles and some topical oils.

We each had one friday night and went to have dinner, which is what we did last time, it started to kick in just after we got home but turned out they were busy and we had about a 45 min wait. So we hung out outside and chatted, well midway through dinner they kicked in. This is the second time Ive had them and noticed the effect, the first time husband gave me less then half an edible and I didnt really notice anything when in Vegas, but now Ive had a full one. So what did I notice? Sounds, the people, the music, the silverware clanking, it was like an orchestra and the sound kept building and then peoples voices would stand out, just hearing one person at a time but that person would be loud. I also felt like it was obvious, that I probably looked weird and husband said "By the way paranoia is part of it, no everybody isnt watching you or notices" Food was great as usual and we headed home, by the time I got in the house I was clearing stuff on the couch so we could sit and I was all wobbly, I had heels on and about fell over 3 times, had to get my shoes off, and then parked myself on the couch, husband laid next to me, I got up and sat right next to him, we were both sitting up, I was leaning up against his shoulder and we literally both just passed out and fell asleep until 1am. I got up and brushed my teeth, washed my face then got in bed.

Today I cleaned a lot of the house, husband was on the phone with his childhood buddy whos going through a rough separation, talked to him for a good long time. I vacuumed the whole house, laundry, folded, washed, got the kitchen picked up, and then had hubby help me move the dining table back into place as it was moved when we did work around here and hadnt moved it back yet. And then another table I had in the corner of the living room, had him help me move that. Hes got surgery wed on his knee and a long recovery, so he wont be much help soon, so he knows I Need help moving some pavers tomm, and we almost got the shower repair fixed ourselves, now the heat regulation needs to be adjusted, it will only got to lukewarm water instead of hot. But at least we figured out how to get the old cylinder out, it was cracked, second time this has happened, I think guests are rough on the handle the way its split on the cylinder, and when the last guest left I went to clean the shower, turned the handle and it fell on the ground, so I knew it was the guest who did it. And when we opened up the valve area, etc, yes it was cracked right in the front where one would turn the handle. Luckily since it happened already once just as we moved in here, I ordered 2 cylinders as they werent items you could find in a store, so I figured I need to keep an extra always handy, good thing I did, now we will need to get another one, people arent always considerate in rentals or are rough on things. So have to be prepared.

So we have had our makeup, sexy time, but Im so tired right now so maybe will write more later. My eyes are getting sleepy and the power outage will be soon, later