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2022-05-21 06:57:11 (UTC)

Teaching an old dog new tricks🙂

Got a lot done yesterday. Worth taking a vaca day off. Didn't realize I accumulated almost 800 hrs of vacation time so I got a few hrs to spend it on just running errands. My Acura is caught up in it's maintenance. Tune up and oil change done. Forgot how fast and low to the ground it is compared to my truck. Even though it's a 2007, it's still going strong and still has features that my newer Tacoma doesn't have. Anyway, it's all better now. hehe.

The past few days, we've had a different coach helping out temporarily. Not sure what's going on. One coach's wife had a baby so he's off for awhile bonding with his baby. Anyway, this coach helping out is great! He can see people's level of condition so you can't skate and get away with it. For example, we had a station where we're just doing side steps with a band around our legs in a lower somewhat squat height. Never letting your legs get close because then the stretch on the band isn't there anymore. I've done it for years. Easy-peasy. I was doing my thing and even daydreaming because I'm already used to it. Then that substitute coach tells me to do it without the heels of my feet touching the floor. Holy-cow!! Game changer! Just that little mod made it a lot harder. I still did it but daydreaming was not happening anymore. Had to focus on balance and more muscles were involved. Calf muscles were screaming!! Yipes!!!

Same with jump boxes. I can do 30" but that's when I'm fresh and not hurting anywhere so I slack off and do 24" and again, I sometimes daydream about stuff I need to do that day. New coach came over again and said to land on my toes first and don't make a thump sound when I land on the box. That made it a bit harder to do. You have to jump a little higher and really use your muscles more to land softer.

Then came the punching bags. I use boxing mma gloves so I don't hurt my wrists and knuckles so I can hit more and harder. Learned how to use my hips, shoulders and all that stuff for power awhile back. I practiced jabs, hooks, cross and my favorite.. uppercuts. Well, coach came around on the first round and told me to punch but go around the bag while doing so. Using my legs and still being able to deliver the power is harder. Much harder. Then on the next go around, he told me that I need to duck and weave too. So that added more concentration. Punching, moving, and using your core to pretend to duck and weave from being punched. Cool stuff and I liked it very much. Learned a lot in just a few sessions from this substitute coach. We were lucky to have him. He's a permanent at the other gym. I may have to go there from time-to-time to learn more from him when he gets back to his regular gym.

I still have some lingering pain from the workouts. My right hip is bugging me and my right elbow hurts just lifting a big cup of coffee. It's been like that for weeks now. This morning's workout will make it #7 for the week. I doubled up last Thursday because we had punching bags and it was just too much fun so I did a morning and afternoon class. I'm paying the price now.

Oh I almost forgot!!! I finally had the courage to step on the scale the other day. I realized that in the past 60 days, I've not been cooking because of the move and I packed a lot of things away (Still got a big ass box of pots and pans to empty out too). This of course means eating out. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time so I'm buying fast food type of food and I know that was not good. So I got on the scale expecting to have gained 10-15 lbs but to my surprise, I lost weight!!! What the heck!! I weighed in a 161 lbs. Haven't weighed that low in a while! I've had many bacon, egg, hash brown, and toast breakfasts at a nearby restaurant so there is now way I was eating right. There is also no way I was accidentally eating a keto diet. The main thing I just tried to avoid is/was to stay away from sugar. That was it. Anyway, I was scared I suddenly lost muscle perhaps? So I checked my scale again and it's a fancy one where it sends little signals through your bare feet and it checked my water and fat percentage to calculate my bmi. Set to male, age, and I think my height, my bmi was 25.xx which is pretty good. So in theory I'm in good shape. But when I take off my clothes to go shower, my belly tells me I'm full of poop and I don't know what I'm talking about!🤪

Anyway, that's my little tid-bit of life here at my new place. Gotta get ready for gym and then more to-dos I have planned for myself.

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