Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-05-21 12:26:41 (UTC)

Acquiesce Sleep deprivation

Just a prediction.

I have had about two hours sleep again. My daughter will be gone for the day. I will be confronted with a really long conversation about things I never think about. This will result in arguments and tension.

I mean it’s just a guess… but there is a precedence. The only difference is I am talking about it beforehand.

I saw an image recently if a beach. It was not a beach I know. It was a winter scene and there was no one there other than the photographer. It speak volumes to me. When I was in college I took my spring break and my bikes up to northern Michigan and rode about 500 miles in the hard hard cold snowy weather. I stoped to eat and watch the waves of Lake Michigan a few times. Absolutely spectacular. I’d never seen it so ice chunked and frankly noisy. The noises were strange though. The water was still churning, but the ice was crashing over and over into itself trying to find the combination where it could finally settle together and freeze solid. Instead these huge sometimes car size ice boulders would land in each other and dunk themselves into the frigid waters. The beaches I saw also had no one on them. My memory and this image touched each other from decades apart. Now they are paired. They just waited a while to get there.

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