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2022-05-20 19:17:00 (UTC)

Lowkey about to throw up !

Lowkey about to throw up !

I thought it was like some separate youth activity, that’s the only reason I came.
It wasn’t. It’s an entire service AND THEN the youth thing.

Am dumb. Should’ve known by how dressed up they were that it was something more.
The energy in there is so oppressive. Or maybe that was just my own feelings as I found out about the slit in this dress.

Look. I have leg hair. Nothing bad about leg hair. It’s natural. It’s healthy. It’s normal.
But I don’t like it on me. I don’t like anything on me, to be honest. So of course I’m going to end up trying to hide that. I even try to hide the parts of my body that give away my biology so it’s not new.

I’m staying in this bathroom stall though.

I’m feeling very not live laugh love.

Edit: I left.
My legs make me wanna k myself. Big and hairy and all the things I wish I wasn’t