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2022-05-19 18:49:00 (UTC)

I want to complain

I want to complain and express myself to someone to listen.
I want to talk without feeling self conscious about how it sounds, if I sound too ungrateful or too whiney.
I want to say all the things I think about myself.
I want to say all the things I feel about the world.
I want to convey all my troubles.

But that is selfish. Nobody wants to fudging know. Listening to others and relating seems to be the only thing I can do because I’m too scared to be a nuisance. And I want to complain about that feeling too. But who tf would listen. Why do I even want someone to listen. I just wish I didn’t even feel the need to complain. Didn’t even have things to complain abt. Because it’s all inside my head. Everyday I live inside my head, think, move, feel inside my head. And nobody outside and around me knows or cares or hears or listens.

I am trapped within myself and nobody will ever know or help me because I am scared. Too scared to be selfish in the way I want to.