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2022-05-18 08:59:39 (UTC)

The Cube Test


I'm bored in class right now so I'm going to do The Cube Test and learn more about my personality I guess. Here's the video I'm using

- - - BEGIN - - -

I close my eyes. I imagine I'm in a desert. Even though I can see the desert expanding out for miles I feel like I'm in a room. Like it's a medium-sized room just with walls so realistically painted like a dessert you can't tell the difference. The ground is sand and there's nothing there except me. No plants, no animals, just me. The sky is solid blue with no clouds or gradients. Even in this odd situation, I feel at peace. It's calm.

I see a cube. It's small and black, maybe 4x4 inches. It's only a few feet in front of me. I don't know what it's made of but it's room temperature and smooth. Maybe some sort of solid black stone. There's nothing inside of it. The cube looks sleek and new, though the edges are worn down. It feels ominous but not threatening. Like it could be found in a museum, hundreds of years old yet never forgotten.

There is a matte grey ladder. It's nowhere near the cube, quite far away actually, and they don't have any correlation that you can find. It seems like it's leaning on nothing. It's probably the wall though. It reminds me of the ladders in the backrooms. Around three times my hight. Maybe 15 feet tall. Like if you were to go up it, you'd get the feeling of dread like there's no going back. It won't cause any harm if you don't touch it but it's not going to disappear so you know you'll have to go up it eventually.

There is a brown horse at the foot of the latter now. It's standing there looking at me. It doesn't do much and it doesn't seem to have a purpose. It's got no saddle or anything, just a plain brown horse.

I notice a storm in the distance, it's a bad one but it's not heading for me. There are black clouds, thunder, rain, and it's very pretty really. Looking at it makes me feel like I'm at home. Like the power just went out and now the only thing I have to do is look at the rain. It sounds good, smells good, and feels good. If I were to walk over to it, the feelings would be stronger.

There is a singular flower. Just one rose. In full bloom and bright red. It's just out of the way of the storm, closer to me but still not close. Although being a rose plant there is only one rose. Like you plucked one off a bush and stuck it in the ground. The flower looks like it will never wilt unless picked. It looks beautiful yet strong. I want to pick it but if I did it would definitely wilt. It wants nothing to do with me.

- - - RESULTS - - -

Since my dessert is small but looks big apparently I think the world looks big but is small. Since there is nothing there but me, I think the world is lonely, like it doesn't enrich my life. I'm a pessimist.

The cube represents my personality, and how I see myself. I'm not sure how I see myself according to the cube but since it's close to me that means I like to look into myself and think deeply about my feelings. I feel like I know a lot about my feelings. Since the cube is small, it means that I feel small, and don't like attention. Since my cube is not see-through at all I don't feel transparent. I don't like to be seen through and I don't think people can completely understand me. Since I have a rock or stone cube it means that I have a solid personality that I won't change much. It means I'm consistent and pretty predictable. I like having control.

My ladder is my goals. Since my ladder is not leaning on the cube, I am not an acheivment oriented person. Since my ladder is way taller than the cube, I cannot acheive my goals at the moment. Since my ladder is made of an unknown material, I'm not quite sure how much support I have to reach my goals.

The horse is the lover I'm subconciously looking for. Since my horse is close to the ladder, it means I want my lover to be just as focused on my goals as I am. Since my horse is not tied up or with a saddle but is also not running around wildly, it means that I don't want to control my lover, but I want them to want to stay with me. I want them to choose to be predictable and loyal.

The storm represents the problems in my life. Since it's a big storm but far away, it means that I know there's a lot of problems in the world, but they're not effecting me right now.

The flowers could represent my close friends and/or close relationships. The more friends, the more meaningful relationships. Since I only have one flower which is far away from me and close to the storm, that means that I have very few close relationships in which I feel they don't understand me or my goals much. I want to pick the beautiful flower and keep it close to me but the flower wants nothing to do with me and will wilt if I do so. That is interesting to me.

The flowers could also represent the children I want to have in the future. One beautiful flower means one beautiful child. Since the flower is far from me, I'm not super focused on the prospect of having children. Since it's far from my ladder, having children is not one of my goals.