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2022-05-19 13:37:29 (UTC)

The weaponizing of it all

Yesterday had all the makings of a good day. Morning sex, followed by a jovial atmosphere all day. Her mother in law came over and I cooked lunch for everyone. It was a belated Mother’s Day thing. Her mom left, I cleaned up… spent time with my son, she spent time with our daughter. I read a book aloud to anyone who wanted to listen (son)… and then she was so angry at me she could barely look at me. We got interrupted when she was telling me why she was mad. Before bed (still sleeping apart) I came back to the subject. I said I haven’t forgotten, I want to know what I did. Her response was oh, we’ll be having that talk.

I mean be real… when someone says something like that to you, you have an inkling what it’s about. I have no clue whatsoever what I did to piss her off.

So the is the third time we’ve had sex. This is the third time she’s held something over my head and used it as a whip. I’m good enough to screw, but not good enough in general? Is that the message? I don’t enjoy the head games. I’m trying hard to not be passive aggressive, but I find myself wanting to match her angst with dismissal.