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2022-05-19 07:09:00 (UTC)

Project Presentstion

Despite anticipating my name getting called throughout the entirety of my English class, it didn’t happen until the end, with about 12 minutes left before we’d leave. I’d been writing in my notebook to pass the time, unwilling to work or watch tv but still bored.

It was unexpected, I hadn’t heard her call anyone else’s name after all, but I could only blame that on my headphones blocking out the noise of the classroom.

So I rose out of my seat, took my poster, and left the classroom with my teacher to present alone, thank goodness for understanding teachers (she allowed a lot of things for me to do during this project: working alone, providing me with poster board(s), and letting me present to just her (like I’m pretty sure the groups that were going after me were about to do).

I clumsily began explaining the symbolism behind each part of my board. How it related to the story and it’s main character. How some part were references to scenes. How some quotes were important enough to be used. I wasn’t nearly as wordy as I wish I’d been. Didn’t explain it quite a clearly I should’ve. Took to many pauses to find the right words. But. It could’ve been worse. Although I was nervous, the fact that it was just her seemed to let me relax more. Shaking wasn’t as bad. Voice wasn’t trembling. My written explanation was much better but what I said is what I’d have to leave it at.

She expressed how much she and some others liked the board, boosting my fudgin ego and thank goodness because I put too much effort into that stupid board for it to not get at least one compliment. And we returned to the classroom, the bell ringing mere moments after we’d stepped inside. My presentation wasn’t nearly as long as the groups who’d presented the day before. But, once again, it could’ve been so much worse.

In conclusion, I don’t want to present to my Spanish teacher anyway because I’m lazy and I haven’t memorized that shiz. Thank you and goodnight (morning).