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2022-05-19 04:29:00 (UTC)


Theater kids
Musicals and plays
Legend of Zelda
Not sleeping
Spanish assignment
Zelda has a manga?
I want to throw up

36 hours
What is the reason for self punishment?
I don’t know. I’m tired. For all the things I should’ve done. For all the things I should be. For all the time I’ve wasted. All the mistakes I’ve made. For the way that I am. There’s nothing wrong with you, but I still don’t like you.
Work to do.
I forgot the recording.
I probably shouldn’t sleep at that time.
I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.

Looking at previous entries makes me cringe. Don’t read those. 🙏 it isn’t good for your sanity.

I wish I looked like a character. A fictional character. Or maybe just anybody else. I’m not feeling so great. Very heavy. One more trip outside my room and then we sleep. For two hours.