Evolving marriage
2022-05-19 05:30:35 (UTC)

Colorado Hotel

Dear Diary,
Im in Colorado tonight at a Best Western Plus, by accident, I normally stay at another hotel, but the one I go to was full tonight, I never book in advance just wing it, so I drove over here, and WOW,. I got the last room of the night, and when I walked in my room, its so NICE!

I feel like Im at a nicer star hotel then a Best Western, holy crap. All the furnishings, the amenities, the touches, its super nice here, great place to stop for a romantic get away, has a gym, nice indoor spa and pool, I looked at the breakfast area for the am and they have the full on heated serving dishes and fridge with pre made bacon egg and cheese english muffins, etc. The place is really nice look all over, compared to the place I was just at, that had mostly all carbs, bagels, muffins, cereal, waffle machine, I like when they have eggs, bacon or sausage, omelettes, etc, stuff that Id prefer to eat. I wish I had got in sooner, it was around 9:30pm but Im glad the other place was booked full as this made me come check this place out, and its cheaper then the other hotel or the one I was just in for 3 days and WAY NICER. I feel so special and pampered here. I got in the tub (its cast iron, not plastic) and all the products are fancy organic with aloe vera. I was also just looking up that Foria stuff I buy, I can buy it here in Co with higher mg of cbd! So I found some shops on my drive, and another oil for sexual fun but has vanilla flavoring, so I think Im gonna stop and pick that up on my drive, Ive never bought from a dispensary, hubby did that last time.

My gf back in the state we just left 2 yrs ago said she may be driving through my town sat! We are texting all today, I hope she does! Shes traveling with her teens and husband, so lets hope they come by and can see where we are! She keeps talking of coming out, but the one time she did attempt she wanted to put all 5 of them in our tiny vacation rental and I said no (its for 2 people) and small. I said if they wanted to stay, some of them can stay in our house upstairs, but not cram them all in the rental, its a tiny house and not suitable for that. So maybe they have found a place to stay as she never told me she was coming through this way, I just happened to text her today and she told me.

Oh and my brother, hes in my state again, didnt say a damn thing, I wonder if my big sis knows? We have not seen him in yrs, and she may have left to arrive here today as I havent talked to her, her birthday is in 2 days. Im not sure whats up with him and all. Hes not made any attempts to come see us which I think I wrote about before, yet he messages me when Im traveling across 4 states to where our family is from to see if I will be there, of course he doesnt tell me when hes going? No dates, I get a card from my Aunt giving the date, the same day as my husbands surgery, would have been nice if he had told me that when he messaged me wks ago, we got to pick the surgery date and could have bumped it up some, oh well. I dont get him and as I have said before, I give up.

Got word my other sis has covid, not sure how she is doing, my big sis told me yesterday as shes texting her.

I got my tire valve stem fixed this afternoon, packed up my hotel, cleaned up my stuff, wiped down my vehicle after the heavy rain the night before, so I got a free carwash as it rained hard and got all the dirt, dust and bugs off, but man I picked up a ton of bugs driving today. I use the squeege at the gas station to clean the bumper, front, lights, etc and my windshield was full of bugs, just coated from todays driving.

Husband just keeps saying how much he misses me and that he wishes he could teleport me home. I tell him Ill be home tomm night, Told him to order me dinner as I will probably get in late and be exhausted, so hes going to do that. We are going to be all over eachother I know it, and I have to find out if my big sis made it out, she will be 2 hrs away from us, but we typically meet up inbetween and I can take her all her gifts. Then if my gf comes through sat, Ill get to see lots of people I havent seen, havent seen her since I moved over 2 1/2 yrs ago and my sis in a yr since her last visit. Would be cool to see people. But I also know the wknd if left to ourselves my husband and I will stay in bed the whole time between eating and showers, thats how we have been on the wknds, if we are both home and nothing is going on? We are fing like rabbits all wknd and playing around, off and on, laying around in bed together naked, getting up and making a meal together, then back to the bed. I know I must sound annoying but Oh my gosh I miss him so much and we have had so many amazing experiences together lately, we havent even been able to duplicate most of them, hes gotten the coolest sleeves, dildos, toys, pegging, he got me the hitachi, hes tied me up, Ive pegged him, I got 2 boxes that arrived today from Amazon and he was so thrilled i got black latex gloves, ha! He ordered some too! He didnt know I had, we wanted them for play, and I got some nylons, lace gloves, clover nipple clamps, 2 sets of lingerie. And im hoping the Foria lube arrives, Ive only tried the arousal oil but the lube I got with a discount as I earned points and now get free shipping. And now Im seeing I can stop by and buy the intimacy oil more potent strength here in in Co, woohoo!

That stuff works great.

I wish he was here with me in this amazing room.

Well it might be an eventful wknd with sex and visitors and family from out of state.... we will have to hide all the sex stuff!

Happy Masterbation Month! Ive gotten my fair share in this month since I was away all wk from hubby.