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2022-05-18 15:10:06 (UTC)

Operator 900 line

Dear Diary,
My last hour with my hotel room, had a hotel for 3 days, camped slept in the structure the first night, in the car second night on the property, Im hoping to leave and start making my way back home today, but depends on how late a start I get, but I think I will leave regardless of how late it is. Maybe make it to Colorado, there is a hotel I stay at there and like so would like to try and make it there.

Im waiting on a valve stem for the new vehicle, yeah brand new and bad valve stem leaking air, and Im in a small town and they didnt have one but would have it today for me, not sure when it will arrive, so Ill just be hanging out today, Ill go back to the property and load up the rest of my stuff and get it all secured. I havent heard from the guy with the city yet, had to go into the police station, fill out a form, pay $30, and then someone will come out and put in a 911 marker and then an address marker for the property so I have an address, I told her I may not be here and my neighbor can show them where the spot is, but she said she was going to call the guy who does this and maybe he can get over there to meet with me. I told her I can hang out till friday but wanted to leave Wed.

I saw 3 houses with the realtor, really liked the first one but needs the main sewer line to the st replaced, price does reflect that, its not a bad price, but I would offer less and pending an inspection if there is anything else major I dont know if I want to pursue it. Its on a really nice st, well maintained homes and this one had an elderly person in it prior, lots of cool old woodwork, house is 1914 and price is low. The second house I saw was awful, third one had some cool aspects but it was triple the price of the first and to be honest the last owner gutted most of the charm runining it, so the first house had all that, heck if I bought that one and had all that extra amount to spend I could make the first house so improved at the price it was at. Tempting! Better then our $$ sitting in the bank doing nothing. Granted it would be our place to come stay in the time being, husband could come, we can stay a month at a time and he can work from home while its getting improved as we go. I could eventually make a vacation rental for some of the time Im away also. Its a smaller home, smaller lot, so less maintenance then most.

Will think on it some, its been on the market awhile

Im not sure if my allergies crept up here too, as last 2 days Im coughing again, I think its out at the property as my neighbor was doing the riding mower and I think its just kicked lots of stuff up in the air, I Was doing so much better, I think I need heavier allergy meds.

Went to eat at my fave restaurant here yesterday for lunch and will go again today before I go and get something as their food is amazing and I wish my husband was here so we could go together, we are total foodies and he loves the place also.

Yesterday was my most calm libido day since I left home. Perked back up just before going to sleep last night with husband and I talking about "So what have you been doing while Im away?" fun talk about masterbation together, funny how it was such a secret before, we didnt really discuss that, not that we did it alot but I was too embarrassed to even talk about it, now Im like "Tell me exactly what you did in detail" and Im asking that as the woman! Ive never been like that. So its amazing how fun and comfortable we are together, open, honest, and its been really cool.

I started to listen to the Operator podcast, highly recommend! Its about the 900 phone sex industry, how it started, the players, founders, the girls working the phones, its fascinating, episode 4 was dedicated to the calls, kinky, sad, sweet, scary, disturbing that the operators dealt with.
Next episode is Dateline doing some expose on them, but its got drama of the building being raided etc.

The guy who started it all originally tried to start Phone therapy but it morphed quickly into the sex operator thing when the phone rang so much and people wanted a female therapist and wanted to know what she looked like instead of a guy who he had fielding the calls.

My husband said he called those 900 numbers as a teen and got busted by his mom for the phone bill, now iM going to have to ask him what he discussed! Some new topic of convo for us!

I love him so much and we just say over and over again how much we miss eachother, how we havent felt like this in so long about one another. I have a great guy and we have reached such a cool place together and its like a whole new world opened up of sexual exploration of one another and we are enjoying it so much.. Did I mention how I cant wait to get home? Its going to be a LONG 2 day drive getting back with the anticipation.