Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-18 11:29:14 (UTC)

Strangers with kindness

Today we filed a complaint against one of my classmates. He used to be one of my close friends. Drugs ruined him. He's been nothing but abusive towards us and we wanted to deal with this legally.

Yesterday I left my bag at the cafeteria. I expected someone would steal my money and stuff but everything was intact. The guy who returned my bag was a retired army general person. He bought me a coffee and a tea as his guest. Strangers are nice to me in general.

We made a poster yesterday. Had to work with anti cutter. Sharp objects turn me on so much. I just wanted to cut myself for the sake of fun. Cutting paper with anti cutter is fun, but cutting human flesh has its own charm. Sometimes I like how it feels, sometimes I'm scared of pain.

Today a kind CNG driver told me I'm the most calm person he's ever seen. I really am not but see, it made my day :D

Today nashiba told me, I was the most heartbroken person she's ever seen after my break up. I remember there was no one in the class and nashiba that day, was talking to me about normal stuff and I burst into tears out of nowhere. A little bit of kindness is really all we yearn for. 2019 me was so broken, I feel bad for myself. It'll be fine. It has to be fine.