Evolving marriage
2022-05-16 23:17:40 (UTC)

Things lining up

Dear Diary,
Well I got the hotel and went to bed around 7pm last night, I was out until 3:30am and up for an hour or so, went back to sleep until 6:30am and went to get the continental breakfast. Showered, and sat in bed with my bagel (not keto) and hardboiled eggs. I went back and made oatmeal as I had these packets in my bag and cut up a banana in it. Then a bowl of peanut butter granola cereal for a snack. Was hungry as I ate yesterday around 3-4 or so my last meal. Been harder to be on track with Keto when I dont have my own kitchen and they didnt have eggs and sausage or bacon options, all carbs this am other then the hardboiled eggs. Took 2 packs of those and will get more in the am. So Im not perfect, oh well, back on track when I get home. I hung out in bed in the dark with the AC and watching pegging videos and the like and having solo time. Gosh we miss eachother so much, I was falling asleep on him I was so groggy last night on the phone.

The electrician called me! And went and met me over that property, walked around, told me what I need to do, etc, I have to work with the electric co, get a meter, get an address for the property, etc. Which he said go to the police station about the address. Nice guy and chatted up a storm and I gave him a tour of the property and we shared all types of stories of life in the country. Once again, good people, all referrals and locals from my neighbors, they know everyone and then they come over to sit and chat with them often also. So he said he can get to it in about 2 mos, which is fine as I wont be back until Sept. So lets hope he can get it all done for me! We also discussed putting in an RV hookup! Yes, I dont have an RV yet, but my brother does, etc, so would be nice to have that there also since we have no idea what will be happening on the property just yet.

Also got the tree guy out and a quote already, he said he can do that in about 3 wks, so I will be gone for that also, but will be cool to come back and see the work on my next visit. And see how they do if I want to hire them to do more. Went and sat with my neighbors some, then went to BBQ the rest of the bratwurst I had in their fridge back at my place. They are just across the road. Locked things up and went to town to get snacks, yep tonight Im blowing it, Peanut MnMs, Reese Peanut Butter Cup and Sun Chips. Came back and stripped down to a tshirt and underwear in the queen size bed and the AC on. Ahhhhh just added an additional night to my hotel stay.

Tomm I have to

1. Meet with realtor see houses
2. Visit police station to find out about getting an address for the property
3. Visit tire shop, my neighbor thinks its the valve stem but I have something leaking air, so get that looked at

If all that gets done tomm no problem then I may aim to head out Wed and head home sooner! That is if nothing else comes up.

I can stay until Sat am, but Im ready to get back home to hubby!

Hes been dealing with his childhood buddy whos in a rough spot with his wife, she moved out and all the drama with them and hes playing listening ear/therapist so we talk about that stuff together. Mixed in with sexual flirting and innuendos. He sent me a sex video today, I sent him one, more from sex therapists we watch online, some good topics

Tried calling my big sis, she was at the dr, havent heard back yet, shes on vacation now and planning to go to where we are this wk so will also need to factor that in, her bday is soon and I have gifts for her and havent seen her in over a yr, so I need to drive to the big city and see her and take her her gifts, all the more reason for me to head home sooner, can do that on a wk day so I can enjoy the wknd with husband

Alright well off to see what kinky stuff I can watch