Not all who wander…
2022-05-16 15:41:20 (UTC)


I’m thinking about picking back up my art. I got deep into art world at one time. Vending, galleries, art shows… the whole thing. I had some notoriety, showed in some pretty famous places. I took it probably as far as I could without completely changing my lifestyle. But now I am in a little different life. And now too, I have experience under my belt. I could be a bit more selective in how I exhibit. No more vending, that’s for damn sure. 6 hours of sitting behind a table hoping people will buy things… vending is torcher. Galleries are nicer. You do a lot of work up front for no money and then money starts to show up in your mail box. It’s like a surprise gift, but of course you worked for it, just months ago.

I don’t know though, art world is crazy, and I never fit the “artist” mold. I was always a little outside of the culture that claims to love outsiders.