Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2022-05-16 00:13:11 (UTC)

You’re a shitty boyfriend

It’s it like he’s a bad person… he just has parents like mine were, but worse. They do not support his decisions and this affects him deeply. They leave him in a state of ambiguity that permeates through his whole life- especially with his relationship with my daughter.

It bothers me greatly that he reminds her of me. I see deeps flaws… she is currently blind to them or accepting of them because they are familiar.

I tried to hide these flaws, but they are woven from my flesh to my bone and back again. If I could cut them out, I would. I would leave them behind with all my memories and deeds I still hold dear. I’d leave them because at some point I know, I’m more than these bondages. I am more than this… I hope. For now I carry them. They are. I am. We do.