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2022-05-15 23:37:24 (UTC)

Hotel room

Dear Diary,
My first night in a hotel, whew! Needed it, got in at checkout and stripped naked and showered then soaked in the tub. Havent had a shower since I left home for this trip. Just clean up with water and a rag. I love my showers and baths daily!

I spent the first night in the unfinished structure, temp was fine but the air mattress lost air and I was on the hard floor, went to bed late, woke up super early and groaned "I cant do this, I wanna go home" but I got up, my neighbors have a key and allow me in their workshop so it has a toilet and sink for me to clean up as I have no water or electricity. Also everything was booked, graduation wknd, so last night everything was booked out, so I slept in the vehicle on night number 2, much softer but I still didnt sleep well, up late and woke up at 5am and couldnt go back to sleep for over an hour, but crashed until 6:50am, fell back asleep till 8:30am. Got up and headed to the workshop and cleaned up, brushed my teeth, fresh underwear, threw on my jeans and tshirt and boots, and headed out.

Had a red exclamation mark for tire pressure come up, one tire was at 22 and the others were are 38, so I was like crap, wondering if I picked up a nail or something in our new tires. Well went to my neighbor this am, he used to be a mechanic when he was younger and has all the tools and air compressor, so I noticed sound hissing from the valve, he came and pushed another tool in and turned it to stop the hissing, and its stopped, so will see if that takes care of the problem, its sunday so nobody is open, but if needed Ill go to a tire place this wk and get it checked out. Visites with all my neighbors, rode around and looked at houses with the wife, I had a tree guy come today and do a walk around, I thought for sure $4000 at the lowest for the job, these are super old trees and some huge, etc that are dead and many to remove, he quotes me $2500! And I have a lot for him to do! So he said he can get to it in about 3 wks, so I wont be here but told him to call and I can coordinate with my neighbors. Everyone there is cool, trusting, bills you, no money up front. Just a different mindset here, and I have had the most labor done here then anywhere else I have lived, no problem it seems to get people to do the work and they are good people.

Will wait to see what electricians say, the tree guy is an electrician also so he will get back to me, and I called the other guy friday but the neighbor said he should call me back after the wknd.

I ate out dinner last night, to go from the cool restaurant here, a total foodie place in the middle of nowhere, had Pork Loin and butternut squash, asparagus, fresh rolls(not keto with this yummy butter they make)

I ate good, the rest of the trip has just been stuff Ive packed or meh fast food. Today I went to the store and got some bratwurst and made those on the grill I brought, and I also made a smoothie with the blender I have in the back of the vehicle where there is an outlet. Bought some fresh berries, yogurt, peanut butter, etc to make it, so Ive eater for today before coming to the hotel, and have snacks and my smoothie, hotel has continental breakfast in the am, so will see what they are serving, hopefully something egg, sausage or bacon as its typical and those are keto. They all have waffles and granola, muffins, no thanks, the last hotel I grabbed hard boiled eggs to go, yogurt and fruit and too them with me, so I can stock up on some of that in the am Im sure.

Ill go make the rest of the bratwurst tomm eve for dinner on the grill. For now Im loving a king size bed, a shower and being on wifi on my laptop! I have been roughing it otherwise, so nice to be spoiled again.

Husband and I miss eachother a lot, I may leave sooner then expected, just to get home and fuck him again, his surgery is the 25th, so this wknd will be his last before that, and hes working all day, so time together on the wknd would be awesome, hes already told me what hes going to do to me when we get home, we have talked a lot, he said he didnt realize how much he thinks about sex now and I started crying, Ive just not felt desired like this by him and its a good thing, just makes me cry as its still something to get used to, to hear someone describe how much they love you, want you, the things they want to do to you, how sexy they find you, describing parts of me he loves, etc. He said hearing me talk today and all the stuff I do when Im here and get done just turns me on, hearing me "getting after it" as he says.

We took another kink quiz online together and walked through it, was funny some categories we were totally on the same page with our answers, but overall we are both pretty much in the same boat with things. Nothing really out of the norm or one wants the other finds digusting or anything.

I love him, miss him and cant wait to get back home to him, but its still good I went.

I brought 2 vibrators, one died on night 2 and I didnt pack the chargers! Ha didnt think Id wear them down that fast, but I have the other and I can still use just minus vibration. Ive been experimenting with my g spot and toys and trying to make myself squirt solo after listening to a podcast of a girl describing her doing it to herself. So Ive been using the toy angled differently and not penetrated as deep and it feels flipping great!

Okay I need to throw some clothes on and walk out and get some water, I have a big jug of spring water that tastes great and need to fill my water bottle as Ive drank it all. Ill snack and wait for husband who should be calling soon as he was on the road driving from the big city, about an hour and a half,

We have been video chatting for the first time and I also was on video chat with my youngest son the other day for over an hour and we both gave eachother tours of our places, we talked and had a good time. Im hoping to drive and go see him this yr also.

Okay off to venture out and get some water and crawl back into being a hermit in my hotel room enjoying the huge bed, ac and wifi, happy girl here! Going to look at some real estate tues am, have a realtor lined up.

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