Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-15 18:05:58 (UTC)


Work update: not entirely satisfied but I tried my best so yes, will finish the rest of the research at nerdy beans tomorrow 😃 11-6 baby!!!!

When I was sleeping today, my brother came into my room and saw my sleeping with the penguin plushie, he said it looked like the penguin was sleeping too. I'm literally obsessed with it.

I started watching euphoria season 2 and I kind of started liking this. Plot isnt anything new, highschool drama with tons more toxicity but the characters are so greatly portrayed. All of the actors did great, it's soothing to the eyes.

I have a tendency of self sabotaging. This is prolly because I'm extremely busy now so everything else seems nice, that's why I started liking a new series.

Update on real penguin: I wanna text but I also don't want to be humiliated and he'll definitely insult me if I text. I'm pretty sure he doesn’t miss me or anything. So no point in bothering someone else with my problem. It's my problem that I miss him and I'll have to find a way to deal with it.

also what's with the yt dp, name, bio changing? God, this fucking guy. I've literally done everything I could what else could I do? This is insane. And if he thinks that it's gonna make me text him, girl no, I'm too scared of being insulted. I'll regret it later.