Good Ideas For Bad People
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2022-05-15 07:29:11 (UTC)


Hello me....
This is drunk me and I have teonvery important things to say.

First, I've never felt more ok then when im with females who understand me. There is a power in that that you should never underestimate it..even if they are hard to find they're out there I promise.

Second, young you females are so beautiful. You have so much play in you that shouldn't be wasted with people who just want to use you for superficial strength. Being playful is a huge strength. Utilize it and don't give it away to a silly, fed to you dream. Life is so much more than they sell it as. Save your play for those who love you and make them prove that they love you. Don't give play away to anyone who's undeserving. I promise your such a beautiful and inspiring force and im sorry I can't give you popularity or validation or all your dreams. I promise that if you hold on to your play that some day you'll give yourself your own dreams and it'll be that much better. Please. Women have a power that isn't for the faint of heart. You have a serious power and please protect it. Don't let people who can't live up to their promises take your power away. Be smart and protect yourself. Youre so beautiful. I promise.