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2022-05-15 06:17:18 (UTC)

Crazy day

I can’t believe all the that has happened to me has happened all the things at my school is crazy. At my school I am kinda new and I have a boyfriend named javary and jaravys best friend is my ex crush and I really really like I’m I couple of weeks ago I told him btw his name is Dennis I told him I didn’t like him anymore and I actually did but as time pasted I did not think about him a lot then on Friday it was field day so I got to see Dennis and me and Dennis are in two different classes so I didn’t see him as much. We had to play this game and I was the fourth in line and Dennis moved up to be in fourth place in his line. Then I asked him and javary what my favorite food was javary said pizza and I hate pizza Dennis said burgers and it is burgers idk what to do and who to choose

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