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2022-05-15 02:10:00 (UTC)

Left out

It’s strange, how you can happily interact and have fun with people who also laugh with you, and yet still feel so left out. Left out of some bubble that they are in and you are not. Maybe you’re not meant to be in that bubble, and it’s full of a certain kind of people, and you’re just not one of them. Not meant to be there. Or maybe, it’s purposeful. They don’t want to let you in, don’t even think of it. Or perhaps, you’re supposed to have asked about it and got yourself involved.

But fear of rejection is something that would definitely keep you rooted in your spot, with this thing being your only connection to these people who have even more people and connections than you could think of.

Left out? Or is my hesitance the only thing keeping me from being taken in.
Probably too young.
Too anxious and awkward.
Too squeaky.
But all is well because of the simple fact that I have school. I have work to do. I have things to read. Things to watch. And more insults to hurl at my reflection.

I have things to fill the space.