Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-15 04:59:26 (UTC)

Weird asf

I met my close person's one of the most disliked people back in February. Let's call this disliked person NN (Well, in my defense we accidentally met) Later on, I told him that I met NN I don’t think that he took it very well. Oh well, if he told me he's met one of the people I got real shade for, I'd have hated that as well so can't blame this on him.

Idk what really happened between them, I really don’t give a shit about their whole "he said, she said" situation BUT here's something weirdass shit she did to me. The day I met NN, she instantly sent me a friend request on fb. I didn’t think of this as anything because a lot of people are added to me on fb. However, since I don’t like looking at my phone when I'm outside, I accepted it once I got home. Now weird shit happens: she not only added me on fb, she added me LITERALLY EVERYWHERE she could find me on, fb, instagram and LinkedIn too wtf. And that's fucking weird. I have an account on literally every social media platform but even my best friends don't add me everywhere?

Ok now, even for weirder shit, she adds me on her close friend's list on instagram. Like, sweetie, you don’t even know me why tf are you doing that.. Ok fine, let it slide. Then she stalks me on LinkedIn. Like... Um??? I have nothing to show on LinkedIn?? And she and I have different career goals, will never cross paths? that's so fucking weird.

It’s very clear that she's sort of keeping tabs on me, and I don’t know why. (Actually I do) It's not making me anxious or anything. It’s just weird as fuck.