dreamer's diary
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2022-05-15 01:36:46 (UTC)

Get him out of my mind

He keeps lingering in my mind like a song that you can't get out. I feel so horrible that I like him. Hell, I'm literally graduating in like 3 weeks!!! I'm going to go off to college in NYC and I'll probably never see him again. Why am I still so obsessed with him?! And I mean, I have absolutely NO chance with him because he already has a girlfriend....Like I just want to go inside my brain and beat up whatever is responsible for the feeling of love. I just can't help it....He's so sweet...so...funny....so....warm. Being with him feels like snuggling up in a Texas Roadhouse bread roll. He's so warm and just makes you feel important. We walk to class together and it's so hard to hold back the urge to hold his hand...We bump into each other and try to make each other run into the locker, or the drinking fountain. We bicker so much...but in a fun way. I just...I can't stop thinking about him and noticing every single tiny thing he does. And I can't stop texting him every single day...and I somehow remember ever single thing we've talked about....which is insane because I can't even remember what I've eaten for breakfast today. I wish the universe liked me...I wish it would just let me have this one thing for myself...just once....We would be together in another life...He's the right person...wrong lifetime....and that hurts my soul to the max--

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