Hadassah Miller

2022-05-15 00:22:06 (UTC)

busy=happy. right?

I think so.

Things I did today:

•slept in til 5.20
•milked Sally
•made a royal mess of straining the milk
•ate tomatoes and a fried egg all by myself
•sewed myself a dress for field trip
•ate beans and drank a cup of water
•worked from 10-3
•stood around the kitchen with a bunch of cool, hard-working people and ate fresh cinnamon rolls
•watched CM and ZM and J and Dad and Grandpa move the woodshed off our house. I'm going to use it for a Sally barn
•milked Sally
•rode horses with MM. Galaxy bucked me off. Halfway through falling—like that part where you're still hanging on with one leg—I pretended to be a native American. Like you know, when they are fighting and they hang over on one side of the horse so they don't get stabbed with arrows. I apparently will have to practice that more, because suddenly I was on the ground and hooves were flying above me. I was wondering what it would be like to be stepped on and squashed like a mosquito. Thankfully I didn't have to find out. I stood up quickly. I supposed that if I was standing I would look a bit more dignified and annoyed and then Galaxy would feel ashamed of herself and behave. It was just so. I hopped back into the saddle and hoped that wouldn't happen again. It didn't. However, my fingernail is very sore. I nearly bent it all the way off. But it will be ok.
•ordered pizza for supper. We had a bunch of family over, plus also CM and ZM. We ate in the basement, where it was cool and there were no black flies.
•swept the deck, which used to be a woodshed floor.
•watered Sally. With 5 gallon buckets. I can't

Oh shoot. Cow has a fever. Oh help, oh help. Let it all be ok.