It is time now that I begin to live
2022-05-14 23:38:13 (UTC)


Wrestling with everything lately.

What are my goals
1. Homeschool well and make sure kids are encouraged, nurtured, and supported in doing well.
2. Do things that are neglected, even when they are not mine to do, even when they are uncomfortable for me to do them.
3. Build a beautiful retirement, that includes family visiting for reunions, I have a plan.
4. Keep everything clean inside and outside the house.
5. Health, both personal and family.

Focusing on these things keeps me grounded and moving forward. I have had some setbacks lately, feelings of isolation due to my own inability to connect with people. I push people away sometimes l, I don’t get in deep with them, sometimes that stings me back.

Focus on goals and I find my way out of the black hole I get myself in.