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2022-05-14 12:25:01 (UTC)

Where is the time to reflect

People are full of biases and we are supposed to reflect on them to see them and recognize them.

But where do people find the time for that? With an 8-9 hour work day, another 1 hr for commuting, and minimum 1.50 hrs eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, not factoring prep or shopping so lets add 1 hr. Then self-care, dishes, etc. add 1 hr. That's 9 1 1.5 1 1 8 hrs sleep = 21.50 hrs if things go smoothly. So that leaves 2.5 hrs... and what if you have children? You need to spend time with them as well. The weekend is usually time to recharge, shop, buy groceries, clean the house, do laundry, see family, and attend social commitments so that I will still have friends. What about time for doctor's appointments, dentist, exercise? Where is there time?

Time to reflect. When is there time to do that?
Time to reflect, should be reflected in our work culture. Perhaps if people don't have to work so much we could slow down enough to look in the mirror and reflect.