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I Hate Middle School
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2022-05-11 10:36:00 (UTC)

Talking With Strangers


Ummmmm, I don't really know what to talk about. Nothing too interesting has happened lately. My allergies are shit though. Seriously, int he middle of class I had this stupid cough and a runny nose, ths sucks. I had my hand raised to ask for a tissue for like 10 minutes! My eyes are all watery, and I'm coughing a ton, and it's practically hell. Like, when I was in class I got that prickly feeling in my throat, the one that usually makes you go into a coughing fit or some shit, but I couldn’t cough so instead I ended up crying. Not actually crying, but my eyes got watery. When I walked out of class holding a tissue and having super watery eyes Vinny was like “what’s going on?” and I just had to tell him that allergies were shit. I found this trick to get rid of a stuffy nose for a minute or two though and it’s a life saver. You just tilt your head up, plug your nose, and hold your breath for as long as you can. I usually do it for 30 seconds twice. Works like a charm! You can also alternate pressing in between your eyebrows and pressing the up of your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a similar effect. You just do that for about a minute as well. A gift from god! Seriously.

Oh! I know what to talk about now. Have you ever been on one of those talk to strangers websites? They're so fun! I'm younger than most people expect so I usually tell them I'm 16 if they ask and even that usually surprises them. There's a lot of creeps on there, sure, but theres also a lot of nice people. There are a lot of older folk who get bored and want to meet someone on there too. Always very nice. I met this one guy, he was scottish and probably in his late 30's to 50's. Probably in his 50's though. He was very nice and we had a lot in common. We talked about accents and he was making some grammar mistakes (cause he was a bit tipsy) so we endeed up talking about grammar and words. He had me guess the meaning of the word jentacular (having to do with or partaining to breakfast) which I failed misserably at, and he tought me this french word that means unpleasantly. It's spelled malheureusement and is impossible to pronounce on sight. He said it was really fun to pronounce though so I'll have to google it. We talked about internet slang and how he played bagpipes and singing but eventually he disconnected. It was sad that we couldn't talk for longer but I'm glad I ended up talking to him. It was really enjoyable.

I also met this Bi dude from the UK. We talked about sexualities, how he didn't like pets, and how he liked getting his asshole complemented... it was odd. He thought I was an adult though, obviously, I didn't know how to tell him I was wayyyyyy underage TUT. I also met this one guy, he was from around india i think, and we talked for a bit. Apparently he was looking for a dude masquarading as a girl so he could troll them. He told me about his vacation to this festival called thrissur pooram and it was cool. I don't think english was his first language though, his words were kind of broken. Just a few minutes ago I met another guy from India. His name was George and he rode a motercycle. We tlaked about that and art but then I had to go switch classes. All of those people were very nice, you should try it sometime. Just be very careful and don't give out any personal info.

I had a dream we found my cat last night. I don't know the most of it but I do remember we went to a hotel (but it looked more like a motel) and there was a balcony. My cat was on it! He was bigger than I remember but I'm not complaining. We ended up taking him home then he escaped. But he came back and the dream ended. I alo had one a few nights ago where he could talk. Not verbally, but I knew what he was saying in my head. I was 100% certain I knew what he was saying. It was weird. This is the 5th dream I've had about finding my cat. This sucks. On the bright side though, my other cat named Hazel is warming up to me a lot. She's terrified of everything and is a pussy in every meaning of the word but she still jumps on my bed and even willingly walked on my leg. She never does that! Even my mom noticed it. I'm glad to have a cat to love me but I still miss Gentleman. I just want my baby back but I guess if I don't get him Hazel is better than nobody. Too bad my dad plans on getting rid of her and Dani (my other cat). He said he'd get another male cat though. My proposal is that he gets rid of Dani, keeps Hazel, and gets an orange male cat and we can name him Kwazii after the Octonauts character. I NEED and orange cat named Kwazii. After that I can die.

I swear, I hate language arts. It's not that I don't like reading and writing, I actually love it, I just hate being told what to read and how to write. I want to do what I want, about what I like, on my own schedule. I don't need some 30 year old lady to do it for me! I have an essay that's due today (technically on Monday but we don't get any more class time to do it) and I havent even started. I'd honestly rather just fail this class than do the essay. In a weird way I wish I had what my friends have. Fear of failure or a will to succeed and such. I seriously couldn't care less. I have zero urgency. I'd kill for a WANT to do my work good. And the teacher- she literally called me out in front of the entire class for having nothing done when I was absent the day before! I didn't have anything written because I wasn't there to do it! I mean, now I have no excuse for having nothing done but at the time she called me out it was unreasonable. She wouldn't let me watch the movie either! It's okay though, I get it. And plus, I'll just watch it this weekend on prime video.

I’m gunna go now, buh bye!

~ Gentleman