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2022-05-14 19:06:02 (UTC)

Quick Post

I got about an hour before I gotta get ready for work... I didn't get home till 3am. All I did was take my shower and passed out on the bed in front of my AC. I just woke

They changed my schedule...ugh so now I am working tomorrow, but I have Monday and Tuesday off. I'm almost too tired to work tomorrow, but I kinda prefer to have Monday and Tuesday off because I get paid Monday. At least I will have time to go out and do something if I feel like it. Who knows.. I may just

Corey started his job today. I had to laugh... I asked how much he would be making, and he didn't know. He said "Mom, I was just so happy they hired me.. I didn't even think about the money. 🤣

I feel kinda bad I didn't get to see him off this morning. He did send me a text telling me that he was on his way to work and he will see me tonight.. I hope he is having a good day.

Well.. gonna grab something to eat and pack my lunch.