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2022-05-14 12:24:52 (UTC)

Reality versus Amy ..Coney-Barrett:&

Reality versus Amy Coney-Barrett:

Amy: Any woman can simply get paid time off for having an unwanted kid, there’s plenty of childcare available, and they can all become Supreme Court justices and raise many children just like she did. Plus, there are plenty of contraceptives available.

Reality: This country has one of the shittiest paid leave benefits and childcare services available due to the way women have been pressured to be little workhorses and skip having kids in the first place for the last 30 years or so. And no, they can’t all become Supreme Court justices with lots of kids nor do they all want to in the first place. Lastly, contraceptives sometimes fail, and no, there aren’t plenty of contraceptives available because not everyone can afford them, and they’ve also become a target.

It’s almost scary to have such blatant stupidity for a “justice.” It really is.