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2022-05-12 13:09:30 (UTC)

childish high school stories

I'm going to be childish today and talk about a guy like he is the most of my problems. Let's call him TR.
I don't have the best reputation in school. Maybe have the worst. Why do you ask? I'll give you tons of reasons.
-a vaping video of me that everyone has
-a video of me and my ex-crazy-bf making out that everyone also has
-an account that still won't quit posting things about me. (embarrassing videos, photos, etc)
-I'm seen as a girl with (insert color) hair, which apparently means I'm emo and apparently like girls.
-there was a time where everyone was talking about another guy that i liked. Let's call him JB. He is close friends with TR and they both are rich and popular. I have never talked to JB in my life when I liked him. You could say it was kind of a "he's cute" kinda thing but my friends took it way too seriously and the word got out. JB is a fuck boy and he doesn't roll with "my" type of people. He did get someone pregnant in 7th grade, and everyone knows about it. After the word got out, there were couple of times he talked to me. It wasn't a kind of talk you would except from your crush. It was mocking. Everything he told me showed me he was mocking me. "It's funny that a loser like you can like me," that's what he meant behind the things he said. I won't deny that he was good looking, well at least to me. My friends disagreed.
-and I slapped one of TR and JB's friends before. Don't ask.
anyways, that is one of the things that happened.
Now let's get on with TR.
TR is basically the nicer version of JB, even though he can be quite the pain in the neck sometimes. He also used to make fun of me for liking JB, but it was a little different since he used to yell at me in the hallway saying, "HEY HERE'S YOUR BF!!" pointing at JB.
After I started liking TR, I tried to deny it for a couple of days or two. I found myself staring at him way too often, hoping we would change eye contact. One of the reasons for that was I was informed by one of TR's friends that TR thought I was "hot". I always thought TR was cute and that got my attention. I told my closest friends about it and they promised they wouldn't say anything, however of course that wasn't the case. One of my friends, JW, went up to TR's friends and told them that I liked him and that they should tell TR. I knew she was only doing that because she was jealous that I was talking to "her" friends who are OUR friends. After that, everyone also knew about me liking TR. It has been 2 days since that occured and yesterday I remember TR holding the door out for me, as I was leaving and saying something that I couldn't hear. Then he stuck his tongue out cutely and left. yeah, I hate to say it but it gave me butterflies. I know I have zero chance with him and I only want things to stay the same. Just have our moments, and that's it. Even if he were to like me back, I'm totally not exaggerating, his friends would jump me. If you have any advice please message me!! Thanks for reading.

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