taking heed
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2022-05-14 08:40:37 (UTC)

summer madness

my sunburn has reduced to minor tingle when grazed. the sun laughs. sometimes i forget that we live under a giant source of radioactive energy. not that i forget the sun exists obviously, just that it's radiation. a continuously exploding nuclear bomb in the sky.

it's still a month away from summer but for all intents and porpoises, it's summer. it's a billion degrees.

summer-based local news. a CATHOLIC school in orleans conducted a dress code blitz on it's students on the then hottest day of the year yesterday. staff forced the girls to touch their toes as a means of measuring the length of their skirts(!) leave to the catholics to then call the fucking police when students started feeling assaulted and protesting. and as we now, the ottawa police never miss an opportunity to bully easy targets. madness.

got my voting kit in the mail. i'd get more out of it folding it into paper airplanes and throwing them into dug ford's fucking face. just read a twitter thing about how he's bulldozing through even more ecologically important greenery and water ways than i previously was aware of for his pointless highway to our hastening demise. madness.

not isreali soldiers attacking a funeral of that slain palestinian journalist. they almost dropped her casket while taking a beating from batons. isreali civilians annexed (?) homes of p--

I push it to the back of my mind and think of you flying on the back of a soaring falcon. you're wearing spf 45 lotion.

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