Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-14 19:43:57 (UTC)

Dream part n- penguin

Honestly I'm getting frustrated these days. I just woke up and guess what I saw him in my dreams again. Something like he opened an anonymous account in this site and texted me. I really don’t understand why I'd see something like that.

It's frustrating because dreams mean this was a REM sleep. And I'd really like a non rem deep sleep right now to clear my head out.

I woke up to a horrible news. Sharmila didi's parents, brother and driver died in a car accident. I feel like I'm taking my life for granted after hearing this. And now I'm tensed about him again. What if he dies? Then?

I got Monday off. If I do a good job with term paper, assignments and work, I'll spend the wholeass monday at nerdy beans, preferably from 11-6 pm just to work in another environment. Nerdy feels like home these days. Favourite place with favourite English breakfast. Funny thing about this place is, it bans everyone who makes out or gets a little bit too comfortable with their partner, my lonely ass finds this piece of information funny ngl.